5 Tips for Living with a Roommate

Living with roommates can be an incredibly fun and memorable experience that everyone should try at least once. Communication is vital, especially when it comes to living with others as it can be a challenging mix of different personalities living in a small space. The individuals have to be willing to make compromises when they decide to live together. Check out these roommate tips and tricks to help you learn how to live with a roommate and enjoy your time at university.

1. Discuss Sleep Schedule 

Having a good night’s sleep is important to have a fresh start in the morning. It is vital to discuss with your roommates about when it is appropriate to have the lights on. You should respect their sleep and they need to do the same for you.

Roommate tips Sleep Schedule

Be sure to ask when they usually wake up, as pressing snooze multiple times in the morning makes it difficult for others to stay asleep. Avoid those loud alarms and try to opt for a silent alarm clock instead, such as a wristband that vibrates when you need to wake up.

2. Plan Bathroom Habits

Certain things can only be done in the bathroom, like brushing teeth, bathing, and using the toilet. But there are plenty of other things which can be done outside the bathroom to ensure both you and your roommates have equal time to use the facilities.

Roommate living tip Bathroom habits

Make a schedule for taking a shower on weekdays to ensure you always get to class on time. Also, talk about where you’ll keep and how you’ll label toiletries and personal items to make it obvious that they belong to you. Always be courteous and replace the roll if you use the last of the toilet paper.

3. Talk it Out

If something is bugging you, bring it up as soon as possible. Don’t let it linger and fester and don’t assume that your roommate has any idea that there is something wrong. For example, if your roommate is talking on the phone when you’re trying to study, address it.

Roommate living tip Talk it out

Simply being annoyed and expecting your roommate to notice is not going to work. Letting your opinions be known avoids any potential conflicts and puts you on the fast track to best-roommate-forever status.

4. Do Not Disturb

Discuss with your roommate about how to manage phone conversations and visitors in these close quarters. Decide how you’ll manage if one of you wants to talk on the phone while the other is studying.

Roommate living tip Do not disturb

If you find the noise is loud in general, consider purchasing a sound machine – it makes wonderful white noise and should help drown out bothersome sounds. This is also useful to have if your roommate snores. Alternatively, you can also purchase some earplugs.

5. Set Ground Rules

This is one of the most important roommate tips which everyone should follow. When you get settled in your new room or apartment firstly, agree on some guidelines right away. Talk about each other’s preferences, habits, and the things that you think might be important.

Roommate living tip Set ground Rules

For instance – discuss the most important everyday activities such as cleaning, air conditioning and heat, noise levels, shared meals, allergies, and so on. Make a chores chart and try to work accordingly. Establishing a clear set of rules upfront could help you avoid disputes later on.

By following these 5 roommate tips, you can essentially eliminate those disagreeable roommate issues. Sometimes things can get out of hand in bad roommate situations, but you must try to be calm and handle things maturely. Try to make your time with your roommate a memorable one. Send us a tweet to share the most memorable experience you have with your roommate.

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