5 Things You Should Know about Living in Australia

Australia is a massive country with stunning landscape and warm, friendly people. However, life can be a little different Down Under. Here are the top five tips to keep in your arsenal so you can make the most of living in Australia!

5. Always Stick to the Left

Not only do Aussies drive on the left side of the road but they walk on the left too. This applies to sidewalks, escalators and stairs as well. Always stand to the left so those in a hurry can go past you on the right.

4. The “Dangerous” Animals Aren’t So Bad

Australia has a bit of a global reputation as the home of deadly snakes and spiders, but they’re unlikely to disrupt your day-to-day life. You really don’t have to hold your breath or live in fear of an animal encounter. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to take precautions, especially when you find yourself in the outback.

3. One Man’s Trash is Another’s Treasure on Hard Rubbish Day

Hard Rubbish Day is when Australians de-clutter their homes by putting out old furniture, household appliances, electronics, sports gear and related items on the kerbside. This presents the perfect opportunity for thrifty students to score some free stuff! Each city council has an annual kerbside collection day so plan accordingly. Whatever is left behind will be disposed by the council free of charge.

2. Master the Local Slang

As an easy-going, laid-back nation, Australians love to shorten their words. This is often done to the point where it sounds like a new dialect altogether! It’s a good idea to update yourself on the local lingo to fit right in! The most common are “s’arvo” for this afternoon, “servo” for gas station, “barbie” for barbecue, “bottle-o” for liquor shop, “chuck a uey” for making a U-turn and “Macca’s” for McDonald’s.

1. Barbecues are a National Right

Australia’s love affair with grilling is legendary. This is why public parks across the country feature free barbecues to encourage this delicious national pastime. The council cleans them each morning but users are still advised to keep things tidy for fellow residents. It’s a great way to meet your neighbours and experience a real sense of community.

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