5 Tips to Succeed as a Student in the UK

The UK is one of the world’s most renowned study destinations for international students due to its diversity, tolerance, and top-notch higher education system. You will find a warm, friendly environment with a variety of exciting cultural opportunities in the country. International students who arrive to study in UK are usually very excited to explore the new city, settle into their new accommodation, and make new friends. Studying abroad is an enriching experience; however, it may sometimes be overwhelming for international students as they might find it difficult to settle in a new environment and lifestyle.

Students need to maintain a balance between studies and social interactions to lead a successful student journey in the UK. Interpersonal and networking skills play an important role in helping them integrate into a new culture easily. This article attempts to help international students by providing the top 5 tips to succeed as a student in the UK.

Top Tips to Succeed as a Student in the UK

The UK is a preferred study destination for a large number of international students across the globe. The country offers a multicultural experience, a wide range of courses, excellent work opportunities, scholarships and grants, high-quality education, and many more. If you are planning to study in UK, there are some important factors that you need to consider before starting your journey. Here are the top tips that will help you succeed as a student in the UK:

  1. Manage your Finances
  2. Get over the Culture Shock
  3. Check out the University Support Services
  4. Work while Studying
  5. Make Effective Use of your Time

1. Manage your Finances

Being an international student, you should set up a budget to keep track of all your financial expenses. It is important to identify the categories you tend to spend the most in and create a weekly or monthly budget for each. You need to consider different costs for creating a budget like accommodation costs, books and supplies, food, clothing, and entertainment.

Typically, the accommodation cost includes wifi and various other amenities. The choice of accommodation depends on several factors such as accessibility, cost-effectiveness, etc. In the UK, on-campus housing is one of the best options for international students because of its affordability and convenience. International students must manage their finances wisely as it will help them repay their student loans without much hassle. Having a budget will be helpful to you throughout your time in the UK, although you might have to experiment several times to find what fits your needs.

2. Get over the Culture Shock

The culture and lifestyles of international students may differ significantly from those of their home countries. Getting to know new people and their social and cultural backgrounds might feel intimidating initially, resulting in a culture shock. In the first few months of their study abroad experience, international students may also feel homesick. However, it is not difficult to overcome this culture shock. Students may consider the points mentioned below to deal with it:

  • One of the best ways to familiarize yourself with the culture of a new country is by getting used to the language. By mastering the language, you will improve your communication skills and enhance your academic performance.
  • Students can gain valuable experience by joining international student organizations which organize social events such as get-togethers, dinners, and celebrations.
  • Many universities in the UK offer adequate support for international students to help them settle in and get comfortable with the new environment. To build their network, students can voluntarily socialize and interact with fellow students. This can make their life easier and help them adjust to a new country. 

3. Check out the University Support Services

The university experience provides opportunities for new experiences, but it also calls for hard work and self-motivation. It is normal to get stressed at times, and students might require support or guidance during such times. Hence, it is important to communicate your concerns to someone at your university when you feel overwhelmed or anxious. This could be a friend, a professor, a member of the university’s support staff, or a student union member.

Universities offer their students a wide range of support services, such as counselling, financial advice, and housing assistance. It’s always helpful to learn more about university support services.

4. Work while Studying

Studying abroad can be an expensive affair, so you might need to work part-time to cover the costs. A part-time job will help you hone your interpersonal and technical skills. Moreover, you will get a wonderful opportunity to easily build your professional network and blend into a new culture. Before searching for part-time work opportunities, you must be aware of the regulations followed in the UK. In addition, you should find a job that does not affect your studies and lifestyle. 

International students can work for up to 20 hours a week while pursuing a degree. However, during university breaks, they are allowed to work for up to 40 hours a week. Given below are some of the on-campus part-time job roles that international students can take up during the first year of their degree:

  • University ambassador
  • Book shop assistant
  • Library assistant
  • Campus shop assistant
  • Peer tutor or mentor
  • Barista

5. Make Effective Use of your Time

For most international students, time management is a challenge because the time zone in the UK differs from that of their home country. They often find it difficult to find a balance between their academic and social commitments. An effective way to manage study workloads is to make a semester plan. Students can organize their daily tasks by preparing a timetable and creating a to-do list each day. It will help them prioritize their commitments and manage their time effectively.

Studying in a new country, experiencing a different culture, meeting new people! Many of you might find it very difficult to keep sane when you have so much to do. Taking everything in at once is a daunting task. So go slowly, and don’t try to figure out everything at once. Let yourself experience every moment, take time to breathe, and make the most of it. You know that the UK has a lot to offer in terms of career opportunities. Introspect yourself and pursue a course that aligns with your skills and professional goals. In addition to this, understand the visa and admission requirements, cost of living, Covid-19 guidelines of the UK, and you will be all set to study in UK. And don’t forget that life starts at the end of your comfort zone.

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