5 Types of Roommates You Will Meet in College

Moving to university is pretty daunting, and having to share a room with a complete stranger only adds to the anxiety. If there’s one thing about studying abroad that you should know, it’s the types of roommates to expect and how to deal with them!

1. The Clean Freak

These types of roommates are a challenge if you are someone who is quite lazy and has a habit of keeping things messy. These type of roommates will clean non-stop and insist that the room be clutter-free and spotless at all times.

Expect pep talks and snide remarks every now and then on your hygiene standards, but know that they mean well. 

Clean Freak types of roommates

How to deal with them: You can talk to them about creating a schedule for cleaning that suits you both. Lead with compassion and try to keep the mess to a minimum! 

2. The Party Animal

These types of roommates will never let you live or study in peace as they will always find an excuse to party. They constantly blast music, invite friends over and party hard till dawn.

Such roommates can be fun to hang out with. They’ll introduce you to new people and places. There will never be a dull moment! 

Party animal types of roommates

How to deal with them: Try talking to your flatmate about scheduling parties away from exams and weekdays. You can also try out some alternate places to study in, like the library or local cafe. 

3. The Slob 

These are some of the hardest roommates to coexist with as they literally never clean up after themselves. They also completely ignore the chore list that you both agreed to and are experts at making new excuses 

slob types of roommates

How to deal with them: Don’t bang your head against the wall if they repeat the same things again as old habits don’t die easily. Try to talk it out and if they still don’t change their habits don’t worry University Living has got you covered.

We provide a room replacement service in which you can have your room replaced if you are unhappy with the existing one due to any reason. 

4. The Passive-Aggressor 

This is the worst type of roommate you can encounter. They always find something to complain about but will avoid confrontation like the plague! You’ll recognise them from all the sticky notes they leave you to convey their disapproval. 

Passive Aggressive types of roommates

How to deal with them: Lay down ground rules from the very start to set expectations and encourage frank but polite communication. 

5. The Clinger

Ever had a roommate appeared right behind you every time you turn around? You’ve got a clinger. They will never leave you alone, be it shopping, watching a movie, eating out or meeting friends. 

The clinger will follow you everywhere and ask endless questions on just about anything.  They will be invested in the smallest details of your life and are least likely to take no for an answer. 

How to deal with them:  Resist the urge to call them a creep. It’ll only make matters worse! Try to be sensitive and focus on what they could do better instead of their flaws. 

No matter what kind of roommate you encounter, it is always important to talk things out. The best thing you can do is be calm, respectful, honest, and considerate because you’re roommates. Everyone needs their space, but you also need to live together peacefully and learn not to let things affect you too much. 

Just in case you can’t cope with the situations and want to replace your room. Don’t worry, University Living will always be there for your rescue.  You can also tweet us about the types of roommate you’ve lived with! 

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