PBSAs in Delhi- Key Essentials you Need to Know

When it comes to enrolling students, universities are trying hard to accommodate international students but the availability of on-campus accommodations is not always the easy cup of tea because as the price and the availability of on-campus student accommodation Delhi is based on faster submission of application for room allocation. But it is solely on first-cum-first serve basis.

PBSAs- Best Alternative to On-campus Student Living

To solve the student housing need, PBSAs are the best alternatives for luxurious living even on a budget and also having the provision of onsite amenities under one roof. As students’ expectations have evolved, developers and owners/operators in the PBSA space have arisen to cater to this demand. PBSAs are student-specific apartments that cater to student needs. The student accommodations are set up in a specific way to help residents socialize in a community-driven environment.

Strategic Locations

As PBSAs cater to high standards of living, the homes are constructed or chosen to be located in areas that are within 1 km radius from where commuting to Delhi Universities becomes easy. According to BBN Times report of 2019, “In Kamla Nagar, Vijay Nagar and Hudson Lane in the north campus and Satya Niketan, Anand Niketan in the south campus in Delhi, scores of PBSAs have come up across the city.” With accommodations available in these localities, daily commute has become economical to the pocket with more time saved for other activities. Major players in providing quality living through PBSAs have been Stanza Living, Placio, CoHo, Your Space, Oxfordcaps, Nest Away, to name a few.

Community Driven Environment

In PBSAs, students get to live in the company of like-minded people to get into a community-building environment. Such accommodations are not just economical but also help students to connect more with flatmates and there can be some locals as well who will help more to know the city. They will, in turn, be the in-country support system in a place which is very new to a student. These modern living spaces facilitate a separate lounge area which is also known as shared living spaces.

Security of Students

The security measures in PBSAs are up-to-the-mark with special devices available that ensure students stay secure all the time. Major PBSA providers are coming up with the latest technology like secure door entry, cameras for 24/7 surveillance, card-based entry at all entry and exit points of the student residential complex, and rooms having intercom facilities. Proper identification proof is also asked for to ascertain visitors to students are genuine without any untoward intentions.

The features and attributes of student accommodation Delhi has given above truly make this metropolitan city, a paradise which offers budget living and also encourages community building to a greater extent. For more information and also to browse for student accommodations check out University Living’s city-wise property listing of Indian cities including Delhi.


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