Benefits of having overseas sim beforehand

Landing in a totally new country for overseas education can be overwhelming for you as you need to plan many things. What we ignore is to have a seamless communication irrespective of the overseas country we’re in.  Can we deny the fact that smartphones are an indispensable travel companion to stay connected? You can call your family back home, do easy navigation through maps, and also locate a nearby restaurant to satisfy your cravings. Have you considered having an International SIM given that your wireless service doesn’t generally extend to international borders? If the answer is no, then you need to watch this video till the end.

international simLet us consider a scenario where you take your own local SIM card to your destination abroad. Your phone may either not work or you may be charged heavily for the incoming calls. You may have a prepaid connection but you might get rude shocks of high phone bills due to the international roaming charges. 

But it doesn’t have to be the case anymore. You can simply get an International SIM Card and enjoy many benefits even before you land at your study destination. 

What we need to look for in an International SIM Card?

Make sure your overseas SIM card:-


  • Works on multiple networks


International SIM is such that it works on multiple networks in different geographical locations around the globe. For example, many phones in the U.S. and Canada are tethered or locked to use the local infrastructure as set by the respective mobile network provider.


  • Has a Prepaid number 


Another important benefit of using international SIM cards is that they are prepaid. You will pay only for the calls you made or texts you sent. There are no hidden charges to surprise you later but be sure to check the various plans offered by your SIM Card company. 


  • Offers local call rates 


You can save a lot of money by taking these SIM cards because you will pay the local rate applicable to that country.

An international SIM card can be used everywhere with the same benefits. As a result, you end up saving as much as 90% of the phone and internet charges.


  • Have device compatibility


Be it an iPhone or an Android phone, these smart overseas SIM Cards are compatible with all kinds of smartphones. You can also use these cards with your tablet and laptop.

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of what is needed to check for in an International SIM, take a look at University Living’s Overseas SIM service. 

University living lets you stay connected with friends and family back home with you having an international mobile SIM card. 

Why you should choose University Living Overseas SIM?

  • Doorstep delivery to your permanent address.
  • Instant SIM Activation even before you move overseas.
  • Get connected the moment you land in the destination country.
  • Uninterrupted calls abroad and back home.
  • Different plans for different countries. 
  • Discounted plans are available for making international calls. 

Well, now when you know it all about an overseas SIM, you should also know the fact that the cost of buying a SIM card and using it is actually much lower than buying local call cards in every country you visit. 

Overseas SimSo be sure to get one of these to stay connected throughout your student stay abroad.

If you have any other questions regarding this topic, please feel free to message in the comment section given below and also check out our website   



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