Best UK Universities for a Baller Social Life

The verdict is out — these are the best UK universities for an extraordinary social life. Here’s why they deserve to be on the list:

#5 University of Bath

The University of Bath just about made it, all thanks to their Student Union. The sheer volume of societies you can join is absolute bananas!  From sci-fi, video games, Harry Potter, and anime, to yoga, meditation, pole dancing and circus tricks — there is something available for everyone, no matter how quirky your hobbies are. The Freshers’ Week is pretty dope too —you’ve got endless pizza, board games and movie nights for a chill, retro vibe that’s the perfect icebreaker.

#4 Newcastle University

Of course Newcastle is one of the best UK universities. With the finest nightlife in the entire North-east, you best believe that students are having the time of their lives. With over 160 societies and 65 sports clubs, there is an endless supply of activities to keep you entertained. Some of the most unusual societies are on Pokémon, roleplay, Marxism, and swing dancing. You’ll also get the chance to go on epic bar and pub crawls for a wild taste of the city after dark.

#3 University of Sheffield

Ranked the best in community atmosphere, this university sure knows how to show its students a great time! After all, the city is home to one of the best live music venues in the country with routine performances by major artists and international bands. Another cool highlight is the truly unique “Festival of the Mind”, where lecturers collaborate with Sheffield’s creative community to set up spectacular events for students and locals alike. Our personal favourite is the Food Festival with pop-up restaurants, master classes, and free food for days!

#2 University of Leeds

Leeds’ student life is second to none. There are weekly club nights like the Mixtape Project at Hifi and Wire’s Fuzzy Logic. The famous Mint Club with its stellar disco ceiling and prolific DJs is another crowd favourite. There’s plenty on offer within campus as well.  From belly dancing and bhangra to mixed martial arts and archery, you’ll never run out of fun things to do!

#1 Loughborough University

This is the eighth time Loughborough has taken the top spot among the best UK universities. Student life here is truly unmatched, with over a hundred societies covering everything from Shakespeare to skydiving to get you involved in campus life. The Student Union also organizes extraordinary events around the year. From international DJs and daytrips to roller discos and sing-offs, you’re in for the ride of a lifetime!

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