Cost of Living in Brisbane

Home to three major universities, Brisbane welcomes over 50,000 international students every year. The city boasts of pleasant weather, spectacular beaches, and an unbeatable lifestyle. It is also one of the most affordable student cities in Australia. If you’re planning to live here, these are a few things to know about the cost of living in Brisbane:

1. Rent

A fully-furnished, safe and secure accommodation can range anywhere between A$180-350, based on the proximity to the CBD area. Living near the heart of the city, while not cheap, has obvious perks. You will be within easy reach of cheap public transport, entertainment options, restaurants, and nightclubs. If your campus is located further away, you can find relatively cheaper accommodation in the suburbs.

2. Food

The cost of living in Brisbane will shoot up if you’re planning to eat out every day as the average price of a meal is around A$20. If you scout well enough, you may find some options for A$10-12 per meal outside the CBD area. That being said, the best option would be to just cook for yourself! Hit up farmers’ markets for great deals on groceries and make sure to pick an accommodation with a well-equipped kitchen.

3. Transport

You’ll need to purchase a Go Card to access public transport in the city. This includes trams, buses, trains, ferries and the air train which goes back and forth from the airport. The card itself is around A$15 and needs to be topped up with a minimum ride balance. It’s widely available at 7-Elevens and most train stations. If you travel more than eight times a week, every trip thereafter will cost you just half the price! Uber is also an option, though it’s pricey at A$20 per 8-10 kilometers.

4. Entertainment

Brisbane has several options for entertainment on a budget. You could go for a dip at South Bank, take the City hopper River Cruise or even hang out with koalas at the Daisy Hill Koala Park. Movie tickets cost around A$18 on average and a night out at Fat Louie’s or Ric’s Bar would cost around A$ 55. The Brisbane Student Club also organises free multicultural events, including the Welcome Feast, Luminous Lantern Parade, and a Welcome Week for international students.

5. Healthcare

It is mandatory for every international student in Brisbane to buy an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). The only exceptions are those from Sweden, Norway, and Belgium. This insurance covers any medical and hospital care, plus limited pharmaceuticals and ambulance services. You can procure this from any government-approved OSHC provider. The starting price of a basic insurance is A$500.

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