Cost of Living in Sydney

Ranked the fourth-best student city in the QS World Rankings, Sydney is an attractive option for international students across the globe. The city boasts of sprawling beaches, lush green parks, and a moderate climate. The people here are friendly, the nightlife is truly spectacular and there are a plethora of world-class opportunities. If you’re planning to live here, check out these facts about the cost of living in Sydney:

1. Rent

If you’re planning to live near the Central Business District (CBD) area, where all the markets, malls and pubs are, the average rent ranges from A$350-600 a week. But if you prefer the peace and quiet of a suburb like Ashfield or  Burwood, it will cost you A$200-250 a week. Our recommendation is Urbanest Darling House, the only student accommodation with catered meals that will help you save on eating out. The residence offers three meals and unlimited snacks round the clock to keep you well-fed.

2. Food

A single meal in Sydney can easily cost A$20 per person. This is why it’s so much easier to just cook for yourself. Buy fresh produce from a farmer’s market to get the best deals. Paddy’s fresh food market is one such option that will help you budget effectively and reduce the cost of living in Sydney. On average, a litre of milk will cost you a dollar, a dozen eggs are priced at A$5 and a kilo of chicken would cost around A$11.

3. Transport

You must purchase an Opal card to access the city’s public transport system. This includes trains, buses, light rails, and ferries. The Opal card is available at the airport, train stations, as well as thousands of retailers across Sydney, including 7-Eleven and Woolworths. It costs around A$10 for adults. International students can avail a discount only if they are in receipt of an approved Australian Government scholarship.

4. Entertainment

When it comes to having a good time, Sydney has a whole lot to offer. A movie ticket here would cost you A$15 per person, and a dinner for two would cost around A$56. If you are going to a downtown club, each drink comes in at A$18. There’s plenty to do for free as well! You could sunbathe at the Manly Beach, take a spectacular walk along the coastline of Bondi Beach or stroll through the historic Luna Park.

5. Healthcare

It is mandatory for every international student in Sydney to buy an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). The only exceptions are those from Sweden, Norway, and Belgium. This insurance covers any medical and hospital care, plus limited pharmaceuticals and ambulance services. You can procure this from any government-approved OSHC provider. Basic coverage will cost you around A$500 and up!

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