Dating on a Dime on Valentines Day

Whether it’s a first date or a long-term lover, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to leave you drowning in overdraft. There are plenty of low-cost, romantic activities on offer, no matter where you study. Here are some ideas to help you knock the socks off that special someone!

1. Bargain Hunt

Are you a food fiend? Eating out can be inexpensive if you’re willing to look past the high-street chains. Go for small, family-run businesses that are high quality, charming, and cheap. There are also dozens of apps that offer huge discounts on local restaurants, allowing a fine dining experience at throwaway prices!

2. Master Chef

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Jamie Oliver? You can enjoy exquisite cuisine in the comfort of your student accommodation for just a fraction of the price. Just brush off those crumbs from yesterday’s late-night pizza and light some candles. If you set the mood right, your date will be eating out of your hand in no time!

3. View Finder

Often, the most special moments are the simple ones. Consider finding a nice quiet spot with a view over the city – a bridge, a rooftop, or even a multi-storied car park. Bring a bunch of grapes or a glass of wine, and watch the world go about its day as you feel the wind in your hair.

4. Sweet Serenade

Most student cities will have plenty of cheap or free live music open to all. Whether it’s jazz down at the local pub or a student band debut in the common room — live music provides a romantic atmosphere for the perfect date.

5. Home Cinema

Why go to the movies when you have Netflix? Choose from a wide variety of entertainment options without even having to leave your student accommodation! Dim the lights, grab some popcorn and snuggle up to a classic rom-com.

6. Know Your Audience

There’s no need to bury your partner in teddies and heart-shaped balloons. A simple, thoughtful gesture is all you need to woo your date, like a small bunch of hand-picked flowers or a box of chocolates. Baking some homemade cookies or making a playlist will also go down a treat with the one you want to impress.

Don’t have a date lined up this February? Lucky for you, there’ll be plenty of others within your student accommodation in the same boat. Why not get together, order some pizzas, or hit the town? Friendship is the best kind of love, after all.

Written by Holly Young

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