How to Decorate Your Uni Room for Christmas

If you’re eager to pack your bags and run on home for Christmas, we totally understand. But as you’re counting down to the big day, why not get in the holiday spirit while you wait? Your student pad deserves some festive loving, and these three Christmas decoration ideas will keep you in good cheer.

1. Keep it Green

It won’t feel like Christmas without a few pines, spruces and firs. Adding an artificial tree or even a festive wreath will instantly make your room Christmassy. You can get them for dirt cheap on Amazon. If space is an issue, why not tape some green tinsel to a wall in the shape of a tree to celebrate the yuletide season without much hassle? Throw in some teardrop swags or tinsel garlands to set the scene with the rich tones of the fall season. Don’t forget to hang a mistletoe over the doorway for good luck!

2. Light it Up

String lights are a surefire way to brighten up your room when it comes to Christmas decoration ideas. Bright fairy lights can be wrapped around your bed frame or draped across furniture to achieve that festive glow. You can also string ‘em across your ceiling or weave them in and out of empty glass bottles for a fun centrepiece that doesn’t break the bank. Introduce holiday warmth to the room with a scented candle or two. If you’re wary of smoke detectors, swap ‘em for LED candles and a room spray for the same effect.

You can also attach some family and friends pictures to the rope, so you don’t miss their presence and relive the Christmas celebrated with them.

3. Party City

The best part about Christmas decoration ideas is that there are no rules! You can hang up stockings with candies and little treats for your housemates or play carols over the speaker for a festive air. You can even set up Polaroid shots with your mates in ugly Christmas jumpers. It’ll give you something to laugh about when you return in the New Year.

These Christmas decoration ideas will not only add pizzazz to your room but also make it cosy and welcoming for the holiday season. For more whimsical ideas and the latest of student life in your inbox, subscribe to our monthly newsletter!

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