How to Find Student Accommodations in Covid-19 Situation

In these unprecedented circumstances that Covid-19 situation has left us with, there are major changes taking place in the University and student accommodation sector, and more challenges for students across the UK, as they plan to attend in-person classes for the September intake and also consider to take a step forward, looking for accommodations.

With the current situation in mind, international students will have to self-quarantine themselves for safety concerns of not just them but those around as well. Many who were unable to head to their native places, fear about eviction, those arriving might have to change their plan and those already booked accommodation will have to undergo new protocols, and signing new contracts.

Student accommodation providers are also making efforts to bring about a safer and cleaner environment for students in this post-COVID-19 era. But all these are presumptions, until and unless you are sure about the actual scenario. Here are some tips on how you can find a suitable second home in your study destination, post the COVID-19 era.

Pay Heed to the Government Guidelines

The Governments of countries have put a number of measures in place to support people living in rental accommodation during this pandemic. The need of the hour is to follow the government guidelines on virus hygiene and social distancing norms to avoid yourself from contracting the disease, under any circumstances. Before you head for your accommodation search, make sure you have been in contact with your university to ascertain when you have to join and how your university is adapting to the ‘New Normal’ situation. They will also be able to provide help on the governmental directives that you have to follow for the country you are heading to.

According to the UK government, more shops and public venues are open, with the freedom to eat at a restaurant, visit a library and places of worship. Outdoor pools have been open and indoor gyms, swimming pools, and sports facilities are also ensuring millions of people can get back into more sport and fitness activities. The government has brought in new legislation to protect private renters from eviction, to ensure no one is forced out of their rental home.

A Proactive Approach

It’s all about showing the level of proactiveness from your side and how you are going about with the whole situation where the safety of an individual is the biggest concern. It is about the approach you take towards your student accommodation hunt in a foreign land. When you are going for a managed housing solution like the modern purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA), make sure you land up at the right place- your property website of choice.

Be quick with your selection of rooms and make your booking faster after taking a safe virtual tour or 360-degree view of the living space. Be proactive in understanding that the location is key and as travelling for long hours is not recommended, staying close to college campuses will be the obvious thing to do. Go for a provider who is reputed in providing a safe, pleasant, fit-for-purpose living space which means it will be safer as adequate measures will be taken to protect residents from the virus. Most of these accommodations are specifically chosen for its proximity to transport links, university campuses, and city centres.

Be the Change

Believers often say, ‘Change is the only constant in life’, but having mentioned that it is certainly a busy time and Covid-19 means even the best-laid plans can be subject to change. As the exams could not be taken due to lockdown in most of the countries across the globe, results have been decided on the basis of predictive grades – where the previous year’s academic performance has also factored in.

This is mainly the reason University clearing process will be busier ever this year than any other earlier, with institutions getting flexible on offering desired courses and preferred places in the university. There is a change in outlook when it comes to accommodations providers who make sure things are in order and according to government set security and safety standards.

They have dedicated housekeeping staff to clean the vulnerable touch points and also have sanitizer stations in the common areas. For example- There are providers who cater to their students with 24/7 onsite health practitioners to attend to someone who is sick and also offer a 14-day quarantine package to international students.

In short, it is pretty much safer to head for your student accommodation right away and the best part, providers are making it furthermore easy with virtual viewing of rooms, online documentation, and bookings. So, do not panic, just follow the rules and you will be good.


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