How to Find Your Second Year Home

Congratulations on acing your first year at uni! If you’re planning to move out of student halls into a private space as a bona fide adult, it’s going to be easier than you think. You know the lay of the land now, and, more importantly, you know exactly what you don’t want from possibly having experienced it. All of this will come in handy when you’re looking for a place to stay during your second year at university. Follow our tips to make house-hunting easier than ever!

1. Start Early: It is never too early to look for accommodation. If you want the best, you’ve got to move fast! Visit property websites to get a feel of what works for you in terms of location and amenities. It is essential to work out what fits your budget before taking the plunge. Make sure it doesn’t eat into your savings and try not to stray too far from your campus.

2. Find Your Crew: If you’re not planning to live alone, round up the people you’d like to live with so you can house-hunt together! Use your first year to feel people out. Who would be an ideal person to live with? How do they feel about certain things around the house? Would they be open to getting a dog? Whatever your questions may be, make sure you ask them as well as answer theirs to avoid potential misunderstandings.

3. Ask the Experts: Current second-year students will have expert advice that you’re unlikely to find on any website. If there’s one sure-fire way to create the second year uni life of your dreams, there’s no one better to approach than those who’ve lived through it. Talk to as many students as you can and make a note of everything they have to say. That being said, don’t get too picky because nothing will ever be 100% to your liking.

The second year is more work than the first and it is important that you pick a student accommodation which not only suits your academic schedule but also supports your social life. One with easy access to your campus and popular parts of town will work wonders! If you’re having trouble finding the right living situation, check out our website to explore verified properties that meet all your needs. Having the right place to live can go a long way in ensuring that you have a great second year. Good luck, champ!

 Written by Arinze Ngonadi


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