How to Maximize Your Career Impact in a Post-COVID Job Market

Amidst the pandemic, building a career has been a major concern for all students and job seekers. COVID-19 has restricted all of us to the four walls of our homes. As a result, we have to embrace new ways of staying functional, such as working from home and studying from home. Also, during this pandemic, we saw the economy of the world plummet to a great extent. With an ongoing recession at hand, most people are finding themselves at a crossroads, thinking about how to make the best out of what they have. So, while we’re quarantined, here are a few ways we can maximize our career output to fit the needs of the post-Covid job market.

1. Build Your Skill Set – In the global lockdown, the best way to keep yourself positive is to work upon yourself. It’s an undeniable fact that staying at home for months and months can become monotonous and depressing. However, on the flip side, it gives you ample time at hand. Utilize this time to build your skill sets. Since the workplace and industry demands are ever-changing, it’s high time to elevate your skills to match their standards. No matter which industry you belong to or wish to pursue, there’s always something new to learn. Not only should you focus on your technical skills but also your soft skills such as communication. Upskill and reskill as much as you can. Such minute details will play a significant role in your career.

2. Engage In Building A Network – With so much time in hand, engage in building a network for yourself. Networking capabilities will help you reach out to people once the pandemic is over or starts to recede. In what ways can you network? Linkedin is the knight in shining armour here. Make sure you keep your Linkedin profile updated with a good display picture and all your prior work experience. If you don’t have a Linkedin profile yet, now is the right time. Communicate with your connections regularly to extend your networking skills beyond a virtual platform. The reason why Linkedin plays an important part in career building is that it houses many potential clients, company heads, and HRs.

3. Keep Your Resume Updated – Since you are going to work on your skills during the pandemic, now is the right time to upgrade your resume. Your resume is the most important piece of document that your future employers will see. Thus, your resume must speak in volumes about yourself as a suitable candidate. Do you know that the majority of the job applications get rejected because the candidates don’t have a proper resume? Make sure you eliminate all the unnecessary information, if any, from your resume. Be precise and sound crisp. Format your resume in such a way that it looks neat and tidy. This part is important as you wouldn’t want your employer to get lost while reading your resume. Highlight your key skills and arrange your prior work experience from the latest to the oldest. Since most of the HRs use automated systems such as ATS to save time, make sure to use the right industry-related keywords in your resume.

4. Invest In Your Higher Education – Having an extra degree will surely help you stand out amidst other job seekers in the post-covid job market. Studies reveal that a Master’s and PhD program from a foreign university gives a candidate a competitive edge over others. So, if you invest in your higher education right now, chances are, by the time you complete it, you will get an ample amount of job opportunities. Most of the universities have started their application processes. Some are even conducting online courses for students who are unable to travel amidst the pandemic. Additionally, if you need financial aid, good news waits for you. Almost all foreign universities have introduced several new scholarship programs to help students pursue their Master’s or PhD degree. It’s a win-win situation for you in the end.

To conclude, the pandemic has introduced us to a new low that the world was unfamiliar with. Having said that, the same pandemic has taught us how to survive and make the best out of the situation. Whether we want to stoop into all the negativity or rise out of it and make something big for ourselves is our prerogative. Even amidst the pandemic, a lot of opportunities have come up, waiting for us to grab it.

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