How student housing platforms play an important role in finding the right student accommodation

Each year, thousands of students plan to study their favourite course in some of the top universities in the world. Getting a good-quality education from some of the best faculties is, unquestionably, a primal goal for students. But what about a safe and comfortable environment that is much needed to excel in your academic career? 

Earlier, without spending lavishly, finding a good student accommodation that suits your budget was quite a difficult task. Even after months and weeks of searching on the internet, you would end up paying a much higher sum than required due to lack of platforms where you can find such accommodation quite easily. 

But gone are the days when you had to spend both time and money to find your dream accommodation as now there are several student housing platforms which let you find them with just a click. Yet, most people find such platforms impertinent. 

So here’s a list of reasons why such student housing platforms are essential in finding your dream student accommodation abroad.   

Types of Student Accommodation

There are a wide variety of accommodations and room types available for students that it is obvious for students and parents to get confused. So here, you’ll surely need some advice or help from an accommodation consultant to know what will be best for you. 

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA):  

These type of student accommodations are quite popular among students due to various reasons such as lots of room types to choose from, located in a prime location, budget-friendly, and more. These accommodations are specially designed for students as they can have various demands that need to be fulfilled. PBSAs caters to those needs and allows students to have a happening social and academic life.

Halls of Residence: 

These are accommodations generally owned by various universities in the city. All the residences are either self-catered halls or catered halls that are within easy reach of the campus buildings and all the great amenities the universities offer. However, there are some drawbacks of such accommodations as well, like you do get to choose your roommate, available mostly for first-year undergraduate students, etc. 

So now to choose between these two options you will surely require some help as both have their pros and cons.

Save your time

As the saying goes ‘Time is money’, therefore it is best to pen down your requirements and budget and convey the same to an accommodation expert. This will help you save lots of time as the student housing providers can show you the accommodation that fits right in your budget. Various student housing platforms like University Living have several properties listed on their website which lets you find everything at one place. 

Value for money

As we all know living abroad is quite expensive and finding a good accommodation on your own in cities like London can be next to impossible. There are various challenges you will encounter while searching for accommodation abroad. Some of these challenges include:

  • Hidden charges,
  • Safety and security,
  • Physical viewing, etc.

But you can avoid all these roadblocks to get a good student home for yourself or your child by taking the help of student housing platforms. The properties listed on such platforms are completely safe and pre-verified, you can get physical or virtual viewing of the entire property, and the best part is that there are no hidden charges and the utilities are also included in the rent. University Living always helps students to get the best value for their money as it strives to maintain good customer relationships.  


Location plays an important role in wherever you’re living and University Living always keep that in mind. Therefore most of our accommodations can be found at a prime location such that both the university campus and city centre are within walking distance. You’ll find plenty of local markets, stores and restaurants just a few minutes walk away from the residence. Also, you’ll have no hassle in travelling to other corners either. 

All of the above points show us the importance of a student housing platform in finding the right student accommodation. So if you’re looking for a comfortable studio or en-suite room, with an on-site gym, just a few minutes away from your university, we are surely there to help you out with the best properties that fulfil these criteria.

More importantly, our accommodation experts will guide you throughout the booking process, right until you move-in and get completely settled in your new home away from home! 


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