Secrets to Landing a Part-Time Job at Uni

Student life can be pricey, and there’s no better way to fund those nightly antics than with a friendly part-time job. The benefits of working at university are endless – from helping you meet new people to earning some extra cash and adding valuable experience to your CV, it’s a pretty sweet deal. However, the wrong type of work may leave you stressed, excluded, and exhausted. This is why we’ve put together some tricks of the trade to help you land that perfect position.

1. Quality over Quantity. When a good opportunity comes your way, it can be tempting to accept a twenty hours’ work week, or more! It’s important to not be overly ambitious. Work too many hours a week and you risk being too tired for your studies, which defeats the entire purpose of being at university. When applying for positions or prepping for interviews, assign yourself a realistic boundary and stick to it!

2. Commitment Issues? A part-time job is a significant commitment, and it is necessary to consider whether you are willing to sacrifice the odd pub night or Sunday brunch. When you mention from the outset that you will be away for holidays, or that you may need reduced hours during exam periods, it becomes more likely that you’ll secure a positive, flexible and lasting job.

3. Flexibility is Key. Jobs that organise weekly rotas are always useful since you can request more days off and even swap shifts with other employees. There are also specific companies supplying staff to marketing or catering events, to which you can register and sign up for certain shifts whenever you wish to work. Employment by the university is similarly advantageous – they will be more understanding of your study load, conveniently close to your student accommodation, and give you time off during term breaks.

4. Night or Day? Working nights at a bar can be good fun. It’s casual with minimum responsibility and often pays well. However, if you are the type that gets tired easily, or suffers from FOMO, then bar work may not be for you. On the other hand, working days can be time-consuming, limiting your opportunity to study, relax and soak in some sun. Finding the right balance between earning some extra cash, studying, partying and unwinding in your luxury student accommodation is something unique to each student.

Use this guide to figure out which work will best suit your lifestyle, allowing you to keep up a side hustle that doesn’t get in the way of your grades. Good luck!

Written by Holly Young


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