Starting University Life: Tips to Settle Down Perfectly

Preparing for your university life feels good and you will be happy getting confirmation of your enrollment. At the same time it could be overwhelming for many as what might feel to be a lifetime of preparing for Uni, they’re finally going to be there. What is evident here is you are actually heading to the university, to start your student life and would probably be wondering how to settle down perfectly.

So, here we’re with some tips to get you started.

#1 Plan your Budget

It is certainly a life-changing moment as you are heading for further studies abroad but there are many things you need to plan and the first and foremost is the budget. You will come across more than imagined experiences of having days where you can go extravagant. So for this, you should learn to keep track of your expenses and research for ways to cut down on some of them. Look out for free goodies during your freshers week where you can get a chance of getting student discount cards. Such cards can come handy when you do some shopping, lunch or even at the cinemas. There are special concessional travel cards as well which offer good discounts on travelling through public transport. 

Tip: The earlier you learn to budget your weekly allowance, the better. Always ask for student discounts as you never want to miss a chance to save some money!

#2 Register for a GP

Registering with a general practitioner (GP) in your residing city is a must to save you on the hassle of going through the formalities during emergencies. You never know when you may fall sick, and have to visit a doctor. Registering with a GP can be done online or in person at the GP itself. You can also look for a GP at a hospital or nursing home near you. 

Tip: Your university or accommodation provider can help you with this as most of the university help desks and support staff of student residences assist on the same. 

#3 Make Friends during Fresher’s Week

Make Friends during Fresher’s WeekWhether you wish to do or not is entirely up to you but remember to keep a socialising mindset. You might get to make some friends who will stay with you not just during your university days but further as you move ahead in life. Many people say the friends you make in fresher’s week tend to remain ‘fresher’s friends’. So think positive, smile and open up to people. 

Tip: No one ever made any friends staying in their room and binge-watching Netflix.

#4 Do your research

See I always do that to know things beforehand. How is my university? How to socialize to get good peer support? and How to assess the possibility of on-campus accommodations? If on-campus is not available then check for budget-friendly off-campus student accommodation. Also, don’t forget to research about the best hangout zones near the university. You will definitely have an easier experience if you know things beforehand. 

Tip: Doing your research is essential as it will make you feel less stressed and comfortable in a totally new place. 

#5 Learn to cook

Unless you can afford meals (thrice a day) from takeaways or home delivery try your hand on some cooking as well. The basics will be like preparing noodles, tea, coffee, rice, lentils and if not anything then simply some stir-fried vegetables.

Learn to cookWatch some YouTube videos or ask your mom to teach some basic cooking skills. This will not only help you save some money but will also keep you fit and healthy. 

Tip: Try to learn cooking with minimal ingredients as there can be moments when you have the least things stored in the kitchen cabinets and in the refrigerator. 

Hope some of the tips shared here would be helpful during your study years. But this is not the end of the tips shared here; there can be endless of those to help you kick start your new journey at the Uni with a difference. So keep a clear mind to adapt to some of these. Good luck for your university life ahead!!


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