Top Study Spots around London

Getting in the zone isn’t always easy. Between Netflix, Tinder and JustEat, there are a million things to take your mind off your work. We all have that one friend who can slip their headphones on and knock out an assignment in an afternoon, but for the rest of us mere mortals, the key is often to find the right space – mentally and physically. Here’s a handy guide to London’s top study spaces so you can get your head in the game!

1. Waterstone’s

Any bookstore will do the trick, but I’m personally a fan of the Piccadilly branch. A short walk from Piccadilly Circus and Green Park stations, it features plenty of spots to crack out your trusty laptop or notepad. The atmosphere is quiet and calm and as an added bonus, you can always find a book for reference (provided you don’t alert the staff).

2. The British Museum

With its elegant glass roof and echoing interior, the Great Court is the perfect place to immerse yourself in your studies. Entrance is free and queues are light on weekdays. There’s even a café if you want to make an afternoon of it, though museum prices aren’t always easy on the wallet. If you’re a history student, there’s no shortage of inspiration and trivia to be found in the galleries.

3. The Wallace Collection 

Housed in Hertford House off Manchester Square, this elaborate art collection is tranquil and serene. As with the British Museum, entrance is free, and the prices at the beautiful café in the heart of the building are reasonable so long as you’re only after a cup of tea and a slice of cake. It’s also near Oxford Street, so you can easily fit a visit into a day up in town. And once you’re done, be sure to check out the paintings!

4. Your Local Library

Yes, really! In today’s age of Wikipedia and Google Books, it doesn’t occur to most of us to check the nearest branch, but they’re surprisingly useful. Not only do they have the perfect ambience for studying, the staff are trained in much more than chasing you for late return fees. They can point you in the right direction on your subject of choice and they’re experts at finding the perfect book for what you need. Outside refreshments are allowed, no-one will disturb you if you keep the volume in your headphones at a reasonable level and you’re welcome to stay for as long as you like.

So there you have it – London’s top study spots, just a tube ride or a short walk away. Gear up, pick the perfect playlist and get to work!

Written by Mackenzie Hunt


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