Ultimate Guide to Supermarkets in the UK

There are many supermarket chains in the UK from where you can buy food, groceries, daily utilities, etc. without straining your budget.  To make your life easier, we have curated a list of the best supermarkets in the UK


Tesco Supermarkets in UK

Tesco is the biggest chain of supermarkets in the UK. Tesco Superstores are standard large supermarkets, stocking groceries and a much smaller range of non-food goods. You can look out for its ‘Everyday Value’ range for the cheapest prices. Tesco Extra shops are large and stock nearly all of Tesco’s product ranges. Tesco Express is like a convenience store, which is open late (usually till 11 pm) but keeps a smaller quantity of stock with slightly raised prices. 

Pro Tip: Sign up for their loyalty “Clubcard” to earn a point per £1 spent. These can be redeemed against future purchases & save you big bucks in the long run!


sainsbury's supermarkets in UK

Sainsbury’s is the second-largest chain of supermarkets in the UK after Tesco. You can get everything from groceries and clothing to home-ware and electricals. While Tesco and Sainsbury’s are similar, the latter has a better reputation for quality. Similar to Tesco Express, there are Sainsbury’s Local stores which are smaller in size and offer basic supplies at steeper prices.

Pro Tip: Check out the Sainsbury’s Basics range for economically priced, everyday essentials.


Aldi supermarket in UK

Aldi is a German chain of supermarkets, which is growing in popularity in the UK due to its pocket-friendly prices. It has stores opened in affluent locations, including Knutsford and Bury St. Edmunds. You will tend to find Aldis outside central London and when you find one, we recommend you stock up its value-for-money branded goods. It has recently launched smaller stores called Aldi Local, with the first store in Balham, southern London. The store has a slightly smaller number of products than a regular Aldi, with a preference for fresh products. 

Pro Tip: The store’s own brand products are about 50% cheaper than similar items from bigger brands but just as great in quality. 


Lidl supermarket in UK

Similar to Aldi, Lidl is another German brand which is perhaps the cheapest option. It offers a large range of lesser-known brands but stocks a huge variety of products. There are over 760 stores across the UK, so you’re sure to find one near you for groceries, fruits, and more.

Pro Tip: The in-store bakery offers freshly baked goods from just 15p! 


Asda supermarkets in UK

Owned by the US retail giant Walmart, Asda operates over 500 stores in the UK. It stocks a wide variety of products at reliably low prices. Just like Aldi, most of Asda’s larger stores are located away from central London.  It is worth visiting an Asda store if you are planning to stock your trolley with anything other than groceries.

Pro Tip: The George range is your best bet for reasonably-priced home-ware and casual clothes. 


Poundland supermarkets in UK

Poundland is a British variety store chain founded in 1990. In Poundland, you can find all kinds of products for £1, from chocolates and stationery to cleaning supplies & home accessories. 

Pro Tip: Use the MySupermarket app to compare regular prices of products to their discounted prices in Poundland to get more bang for your buck! 

Marks & Spencer

Mark and Spencer supermarket in UK

Marks and Spencer, popularly known as “Marks and Sparks”, or “M&S”, has 959 stores across the UK, including 615 that only sell food products. Their largest shop is at Marble Arch, on Oxford Street in London. M&S main shops feature a selection of the company’s clothing, home-ware,  beauty products, and M&S Foodhall. You can also find ‘Marks & Spencer Simply Food’ shops at the railway stations which specialize in food. Although M&S is one of the more expensive supermarkets in the UK, it’s “Dine In” specials offers has cheaper evening meal options. 

Pro Tip: Keep an eye on their bargain shelves for products close to the expiry date at throwaway prices. 


Supermarkets in the UK

Waitrose is the most high-end supermarkets in UK with so much stuff that you will get puzzled, what to buy and what not to. If Waitrose is your only supermarket option, seek out their Essentials range for more affordable basics. You can also apply for a Waitrose loyalty card which entitles you to free tea and coffee from the store. If you shop in-store and spend over £10, you are entitled to a discount off your shopping to the value of the newspaper of your choice.

Pro Tip: Offers change on the first Wednesday of each month, so be sure to stock up before they run out. 

These supermarkets in UK are present at very convenient locations, so you can easily visit them and stock up the items you require. Got a pro-tip you’d like to share? Tweet us to be featured in the next blog!

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