Hyderabad-Viable Modes of Public Transport for Students

Known as the capital and the largest city of Telangana, Hyderabad has the most extensive public transport system and also serves as the central hub of transport and logistics within the state. Apart from offering purpose-built student housing in Hyderabad to meet the massive surge of university enrollments, public transport in Hyderabad comprises four major modes of public transport- buses, trains, light rail (Metro), and auto rickshaws.


Governed under the ownership of APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation), there are point to point bus services connecting various regions in the Hyderabad city, and also offering very good frequency, thus enabling university students to commute between places quite effortlessly than ever. The state government of Telangana also runs minibuses which ply at various routes alongside city buses run by TSRTC. Such mini-buses come under the self-employment generation scheme introduced by Society for Employment Promotion & Training in Twin Cities (Setwin) and was sanctioned by the Telangana government.


The Railway system of Hyderabad is governed by the South Central Railway zone (SCR) of the Indian Railways. It is one of the three divisions of South Central Railway zone (SCR) of the Indian Railways including long haul trains (running at either normal or high speed), Metro (subway or elevated urban trains) and conventional suburban trains. Apart from inter-city connectivity, the Multi Modal Transport System (MMTS) provides suburban transport services in Hyderabad & Secunderabad. Most of the train stations are within close proximity to student housing in Hyderabad, thus, making it convenient for students to travel around the neighbouring cities without any hassle.


Hyderabad also has the elevated Metro Rail, as part of the Mass Rapid Transit System of Hyderabad, which started operations in 2017. To further connectivity, Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL) tied up with Uber, to set up booking kiosks and also bicycle facility, launched on a limited scale. Metro stations are located very close to prominent student accommodation in Hyderabad to help ease off daily commuting.


Hyderabad also has a commuter transportation system known as the Multi Modal Transport System (MMTS). This connects various suburbs of Hyderabad covering three major routes from Falaknuma to Lingampalli, from Hyderabad to Falaknuma and also connects Hyderabad to Lingampalli.

Auto Taxi

To ease travelling in and around Hyderabad, there are metered Auto Rickshaws, also known as an “auto”, is another widely available taxi in Hyderabad. This mode of public transport is very affordable alongside shared ‘auto’ taxis which are also a commonplace in Hyderabad. Apart from an ‘Auto Taxi’ several vehicle hire companies in Hyderabad are also running successfully and to name some we have Ola Cabs, Uber, and taxicabs servicing commuters and students.

Air Travel

Domestic and International students are at an advantage as Hyderabad has direct flights connecting to major metropolitan cities in India and also various parts of Europe, North America, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Hyderabad also has direct or connecting flights to cities abroad like Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait, Singapore, Frankfurt, Jeddah, London (Heathrow), and Doha to name a few.

Students can, therefore, check out more accommodations in Hyderabad that are nearby diversified modes of public transport in the city. Student accommodations Hyderabad are strategically located near the bus stops, train stations, auto-rickshaw stands and have cabs available for booking as well. Easy connectivity to the public transport system is one of the many reasons why students opt to study in Hyderabad and make full use of its extensive public transportation system.


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