What Not To Pack When You’re Moving To Your Student Accommodation

We are always excited to go off to University for the first time but while planning and packing our bags, we tend to overpack ourselves and later wonder about the things not required to be packed. There is simply no need to bring tonnes of things you don’t need, and it is better to have a checklist on what you DON’T need to take with you on your student journey abroad.

The first and sound advice would be to do some web surfing but it is highly advisable to do some follow-ups as well. Ask your property provider about the kind of accommodations you will be living at and make your checklist accordingly. 

Here is a checklist that we have which can serve handy for you. 

Clothes you haven’t worn in a year

As you will never really know how to prepare for the university until you’re actually there, you will only know about clothes you will be wearing, until you land up at your study destination abroad. But yes, you can look for what is trending but a piece of sound advice would be to discard clothes and outfits you haven’t worn at home in over a year, and chances are that you will probably not wear it once you get to the university either.

Heavy Bottles of Toiletries

Toiletries, of course, are important but not those heavy bottles of shampoo, and shower gel that will only take up a lot of space and weight in your suitcase. This also becomes a cause of concern especially if you are travelling to your study destination by plane. You might have to pay the penalty or lighten your bag in public which is not an ideal thing to do. So the rule of thumb is to carry only stuff that is needed while travelling or you can keep small sample products that can simply get into your handbag. 

Your Favorite Study Table 

Yes, for some pretty obvious reasons you might want to cling onto your favourite furniture or a room essential like a study table for instance. But most of the student accommodations (PBSAs) offer fully-furnished rooms pre-equipped with all basic furnishings needed to just set in.

Leading global student housing marketplaces like University Living have top properties listed on their website like Piccadilly Point offering rooms that are tastefully furnished to offer maximum comfort with a desk and chair and all other essentials required for a luxurious stay.

Independent property management and leasing companies have leased over 4,500 fully-furnished properties for the past 37 years in business. They continue to offer avenues where students can find well-furnished condominiums, townhomes, and single-family homes to rent. Students can focus less on packing essentials which can just be delivered straight to their doorstep by Noah’s exclusive service to book room essential kits online.

Things that are Prohibited

Most of the universities, colleges or student housing complexes have certain guidelines which students should follow to avoid landing up in trouble in a totally stranger city. Rules about what can and cannot be brought in, are part of the list which you should go through with utmost precision. And unfortunately, things like your toaster, favourite candles, and yes, even string lights, might be on the forbidden list.

Check with your provider before you pack so that you don’t end up bringing something along which you’re not actually allowed to have. If you have an electrical item without the correct CE safety mark, just remove it from your packing bag or else it will be confiscated by most of the student housing management staff.

Old Books and Notes

Most students try to prepare themselves for the next big academic challenge they anticipate to face in the university so they make sure to keep some old books and notes handy. But as it is always the case, you start afresh at Universities and the campus libraries are always well-stocked with reference materials, so the vast majority of your old notes and folders will be irrelevant. Just try to relax and feel excited about your new classmates you will be meeting at the campus, who can always help you out with the notes for sure. 

Kitchen Essentials

If you think you would be in need of kitchen essentials at your new accommodation then yes, you are thinking in the right direction. But fortunately, most of the PBSA providers offer halls or furnished student accommodation with well-equipped kitchens having modern electronic appliances like kettles, toasters, ovens, and microwaves and also the basic utensils to cook a hearty meal.

There are accommodation providers who tie up third party services like UniKitOut, which are the very first on-demand property concierge platform to assist in providing pre-order kitchen, bedroom and bathroom kits. Students moving in can order kitchen packs that include plates, cutlery, a saucepan, frying pan, a couple of bowls, mugs, and other basic utensils mostly used in the kitchen.

Now when you have this checklist handy, packing bags for your student life abroad won’t be confusing. Just go ahead, pack only what is needed the most, and the rest you can always purchase later. For more advice on how to deal with moving to college, catch up on more relevant topics in our blog section or stay tuned for more related stuff.


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