What to Pack When You Move to Australia

Once you’ve figured out your university, student accommodation, and travel details, you’ll need to know how to pack right for your stay Down Under. Follow our list of things that you’ll need to pack for Australia so you’re prepared well in advance.

1. Clothing

With a tropical influenced climate, Australia is best enjoyed with layered clothing. Tees, shorts, and jeans should be comfortable enough for most days. Girls can include tops, dresses, and skirts for day-to-day wear. Casual shoes will get you around the campus and city just fine but when you want to hit the beach, flip-flops (known as “thongs” in Australia) will come in handy. Don’t forget to bring swimwear or “togs” as you will spend a lot of your free time at the beach or pool with your mates. Throw in a jacket and some sweaters for the colder months as well.

2. Room Essentials

You’ll have to take your own bedding, toiletries, and kitchenware as most student housing provide only a mattress with the bed. Keep in mind the baggage limit and priorities things you can’t buy in the country. Carrying excessive stuff overseas may be annoying. This is why we offer complete room kits that are delivered to your doorstep in Australia.

3. Sun Protection

When you pack for Australia, definitely throw in a sunscreen with high SPF. A hat and sunglasses are also important to protect your skin from the scorching sun. Stay in the shade and you’ll be just fine!

4. Miscellaneous

It goes without saying that you should pack sufficient stationery to make the most of your student life. Laptops, cameras, and any other electronics that you plan to bring will need to be plugged in with a suitable power adapter, so make sure you get one.

Keep our checklist handy when you pack for Australia so you don’t forget anything! Think we missed something? Tweet us your packing essentials to be featured on the next blog. Happy packing!

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