Cost of Living in Glasgow for students

Price for Student Accommodation in Glasgow

Ensuite/ Studio ranges from £110  – £351 / Week while private apartment might range from £1,000 – £6,000 / Month


On average, the cost of food will be around £35-40 per day. Breakfast meals are usually cheaper than lunch or dinner.

Utility Bills

Any student housing covers all your utility bills. As for university halls, some cover your bills while others do not. So you will need to inquire before you move in!


The subway is cheap and the easiest way to travel with the city, the south side, or even the west end of Glasgow.

Ways to live on a budget as a student in Glasgow

Assess your monthly spending, plan, and organise your budget.

Visit thrift shops for shopping.

Don’t use a credit card unless it’s an emergency.

Find affordable accommodations in Glasgow.

Use student discount cards.

Use public transportation.

Look out for free activities and entertainment.

Cook meals at home.

Share a room with friends.

Find affordable accommodations in Glasgow.