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Free Education Countries for Indian & International Students


Norway is one of the countries that offer free education to Indian students who want to pursue higher studies.


Germany is on the top list among countries that provide the best and most accessible education to Indians. Some universities offer free English courses with no tuition fees.


Sweden is well-known for its public universities, but it is not accessible to international students. However, for those who want to pursue their Ph.D. degree, it is free for Indians.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the countries that provide free education to Indian students. The students can avail of this free education from the state university.


Belgium is one of the countries that does not offer opportunities to study for free. The universities in Belgium charge tuition fees, but they are lower than most universities in Europe.


The education for all programs in Brazil is free for Indian students in public universities. However, students need to pass Portuguese language exams before applying to universities.