NTU-UL Social Scholarship
Terms and Conditions + Eligibility criteria

Eligibility Criteria:
  • The Scholarship is open for applications to all students pursuing undergraduate degree, post-graduate degree or diploma with NTU.
  • The candidate should have an offer of a place on an eligible course with NTU.
  • They should have booked an accommodation with University Living and should have a confirmed booking ID.
  • The activities undertaken by the candidate must have had an impact on social change and developments, fostered social cohesion or provided support in empowering any minorities/underprivileged people. Or any initiative taken towards betterment of society, environment, or animal welfare will be evaluated.
  • It is further clarified that the scale of the impact or the number of people will not be the deciding factor for awarding of the scholarship.
  • This scholarship is only valid for Indian citizens based in India.
  • Scholarships are only available to full time students.
  • In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements and terms and conditions of the scholarship award, all scholarship students must also meet any conditions attached to their academic offer from NTU, and must comply with all visa and immigration requirements.
  • Entries will be considered valid if you have filled in our application form for the scholarship, recorded and uploaded your video on social media with relevant tagging.
  • The last date to submit your details along with your video application is 31st May, 2022.
  • The scholarship is valid only for the September 2022 / Fall intake session
  • Video entries uploaded on Instagram need to tag University Living & Nottingham Trent University
Terms and Conditions for the NTU-University Living India Social Scholarship (NTU-UL ICS)
  1. To be eligible for the NTU-UL ICS, you must have an offer of a place on an eligible course (excluding SQE Preparation courses, PGDL, LPC, BTC, Distance Learning and Exchange students) and be classed as an overseas student for tuition fee purposes (‘international student’). You must also book your university accommodation through University Living.
    • Eligible postgraduate Masters courses are Master level awards (full-time and part-time only). Excluded courses: LLM BTC, LLM LPC (full-time, part-time, distance learning), LLM (distance learning), MSc Human Resource Management (part-time), MA International Relations (Online), MA Social Work, MA Advanced Social Work Practice, MA Careers Leaders Training Programme, MArch Architecture, MSc Biomedical Science (flexible learning). NTU reserves the right to exclude other courses at their discretion. Errors and omissions accepted.
  2. The total value of the scholarship is £5000. This is split across a £3000 tuition fee discount by NTU and a £2000 accommodation discount by University Living.
  3. This scholarship is open to applicants from India only. Please visit ntu.ac.uk/internationalscholarships for information on our other awards.
  4. If you are studying at an institution that has a partnership agreement with NTU you are eligible for either an NTU International Scholarship or the Partner Progression Discount (the higher amount would be deducted from your tuition fees).
  5. Applicants must be an international student starting a new course of study at NTU in September 2022. We cannot consider applications from international students who were enrolled on a course of study at NTU before January 2022, unless they are progressing onto a new course of study at NTU.
  6. Applications received after the final deadline will not be considered.
  7. If you are awarded any other scholarship, bursary and / or tuition fee reduction from NTU you will only be eligible for the higher award (except for candidates who are awarded a Sport Scholarship).
  8. The successful applicant will be contacted within 2 weeks off the final deadline and we will also announce the successful applicant through the NTU and University Living social media channels.
  9. The scholarship is applied to the tuition fee when an applicant accepts their scholarship offer/ and accepts and meets the conditions of their course offer/ and is eligible to enroll on the course.
  10. Scholarships are competitive and selection is based on the information provided in the application video/picture.
  11. NTU and University Living’s decision in all matters relating to the scholarship is final.
  12. If your scholarship application is successful, we may ask you to become a student ambassador, or to appear in online and / or printed marketing materials for NTU and University Living. For example, providing a student profile and a photograph which may be used to promote NTU and NTU’s scholarship schemes and courses or University Living’s services. Your name and course will be printed in the Scholarships Awards Celebration scheme. By applying to this scholarship you are consenting to this.
University Living Terms & Conditions
  1. UL reserves the right to disqualify any candidate participating in the application process of this scholarship, if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out, including but not limited to submission of fraudulent documents, misrepresentation of identity, submission of fake videos/pictures as evidence for the purpose of winning the Scholarship etc.
  2. We may remove the scholarship placed on your account immediately in the event that:
    • You are expelled, suspended or excluded from the whole or part of the University or your programme of study for academic failure; or
    • We are of the reasonable opinion that you have made any misrepresentation (whether negligently or intentionally) to us either in respect of applying to the University or during the course of and in connection with your studies at the University; or
    • In the event of an intercalation, any payments will be suspended until you return and progress to the next stage of your course.
  3. By applying for this Social Scholarship provided by NTU-UL, the candidates agree to be bound by:
    • these terms and conditions ("T&C");
    • the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other relevant documentation including any modifications, alterations or updates thereof, that are published on the websites of both NTU as well as UL.
  4. The Scholarship details will be displayed on NTU and UL websites. UL reserves the right to advertise and promote the Scholarship on print, broadcast media or internet based websites.
  5. NTU and UL shall not be held liable for any and all claims, losses, costs, expenses, damages and liability suffered by any candidate on account of participation in the application process of the Scholarship.
    • Candidates/students are not bound in any way to participate in this Scholarship. All applications are made voluntarily by the candidates.
    • If at any point in time after selection of the Recipient of the Scholarship, if he/she withdraws from the course being pursued by him/her, then the Recipient will be liable to refund the amount of Scholarship which has been awarded to him/her.
  6. While submitting an application for this Scholarship, the candidates agree and accept that their data will be recorded and used by the UL in the ways set out in these terms and conditions and as per applicable law.
  7. While submitting an application for this Scholarship, the candidates agree and accept that their data will be recorded and used by the UL in the ways set out in these terms and conditions and as per applicable law.
  8. UL reserves the right to publish the names, basic details and photograph of the Recipient for circulation and publication in print, broadcast media or internet based websites.
  9. UL may publish the videos submitted by the Recipient as a part of their application process for circulation in print, broadcast media or internet based websites, where due credit will be given to the Recipient and update on how the scholarship has impacted the career.
  10. All the rules and procedures of this Scholarship shall be governed in accordance with the applicable laws in India Courts at New Delhi shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute that may arise during the award of this Scholarship.