Cheapest Countries for Indian Students to Study Abroad


German citizens and foreign students who choose to study there are both eligible for free public education. 


France offers a large range of courses for people interested in pursuing higher education at any level, in addition to having colleges of the highest calibre.


Norway offers a distinctive educational experience, and its universities welcome applications from eligible students from all around the world.


Poland is one of the best destinations in Europe to study, and depending on your academic goals, there are various possibilities accessible.


The Danish educational system is renowned for its innovative teaching methods, and its degrees are recognised all over the world.


International students can get financial aid and a number of scholarships from Belgian universities and the national government.


Because about 25% of students in Switzerland are foreigners, it is easier for students to get along with other students and even locals.


With almost no professional or vocational schools available beyond secondary education, universities and excellent graduate schools primarily cover higher education in Italy.


Indian students studying abroad in Spain have access to top-notch materials for learning Spanish.