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Indian Students Feel at Home in Nottingham: No Homesickness!

Indian Societies

Nottingham provides great learning and career opportunities to indian students. The University of Nottingham offers its students including those coming from India.

Indian Festivals

The city of Nottingham is also adaptive to the Indian festivals that are celebrated with lots of enthusiasm. The Indian festivals are celebrated throughout the year.

Exchange Programs and Career Support

The universities in Nottingham offer excellent exchange programs and study abroad links with more than 200 partner universities worldwide.

Indian Eateries

Nottingham is home to many Indian restaurants and Asian grocery shops like ‘Oriental Mart’ and ‘Asiana Express’ in the city.

Sports Facilities

Outstanding sports facilities and support is provided in Nottingham with over 70 sports clubs at University of Nottingham available for Indian students.

Student Accommodations

Nottingham has also adapted the new concept living style of PBSAs (purpose-built student accommodations) which are thoughtfully designed.