Take a look at some of the best student accommodation options for students on a budget.

According to data released by the IRCC,a record number of 807,750 international students present in Canada in 2022.

Take a look at the different housing options for students. Choose what is best for you.

University Halls

University Halls

-Near the University.

-Students can stay  together.

-Saves travel time and  cost.

Shared Apartments (off-campus)

Shared Apartments (off-campus)

- You can choose whom    you want to stay with.

- The room rent and     bills get divided.

-Rent comes out to be   between CAD 700-1000.

Home stay

-You get to stay with a local family.

-Get to feel like home.

- The rent is less and    you get home    cooked food.

Cost of living for students in the major cities in Canada.


Living in one of the most popular city will cost around CAD 900-1300 monthly.


On an average a student spends CAD 600-1400 monthly.


Staying in Montreal students tend to spend CAD 500-1000 monthly.


It is one of the most expensive cities in the country and students end up spending CAD 1500-1700 monthly.