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When you are studying abroad, your student accommodation is like your home. You wouldn’t want to choose the wrong accommodation for your university years. University Living now brings you compare features to help you design your accommodation. 
Now you can compare student room and choose from a wide array of amenities. Select from a range of rooms like apartments, studios and ensuite rooms. Compare student room based on facilities and select the one that best suits your requirements. You can choose accommodations close to your university or near the city centre. Use the Student housing compare feature to select between locations. If you prefer working out, there are accommodations with a gym and yoga studio. Choose communal living spaces if you are more keen to interact with your flatmates. Now you can also compare accommodations based on prices. No need to compromise your amenities to stay within budget. With price compare for student room, you can avail facilities without burning a hole in your pocket. 
Student room services compare gives you the liberty to design your room in your own way. Rooms are available with various services like self contained kitchen, living space or even washer/dryer. With student room services compare, you can select your personal and communal amenities without any hassle.