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    About Linz, Austria

    The city is the capital of Upper Austria and is the third largest city in Austria. In the year 2009, the city received the title of European Capital of Culture. The city originated as the Roman fortress of Lentia and became an important medieval trading center.  

    The city is also known as the “City of Smart Tourism” which is known for its amazing beauty and historic places. The city has become an important cultural center and has a school of art and music, museums and art galleries, libraries, an opera house and theaters.

    Explore Linz

    Linz is famous for its tourist attractions and historical places. If you are willing to explore the city during your free time then you must explore Linz Botanical Garden. There are more than 10,000 various types of plants to applaud. In the five greenhouses, the richness of exotic specimens predominates the garden’s unique collection of cacti, the finest in Europe.

    There are special shows and exhibitions throughout the year that present special attractions. If you want to go shopping then you must visit Linz’s Main Square. It is a huge marketplace with the Old Town Hall & a 1700s marble column, lined with restaurants & cafes. If you have a love for shopping then visit PlusCity. It is a shopping center in Pasching in Upper Austria. This shopping center was opened in October 1989. It has about 200 stores and is the fifth-largest mall in Austria. 

    About Linz Student Accommodation

    Linz is known as the city of culture, universities and quality of education. Many students from across the globe come to Linz for their higher education. If you are an international student looking for student accommodation in Linz, then there are a few amazing localities to consider. The amazing locality for the students is the Alt Stadtviertel. The area has sports facilities, museums, entertainment and retail. This area is filled with various restaurants, coffee shops and local stores.

    There are vibrant and eye-catching flower markets in the locality. To get an amazing experience about the city of Linz and its locality it is the perfect place for you to explore.

    Different Types of Student Accommodation in Linz

    The city is the capital of Upper Austria and is overflowing with activity as a result of its wealth of prestigious institutions and universities. There is plenty of student accommodation in Linz available for students according to their requirements.

    In this city, many universities provide On-Campus student accommodation with different kinds of dorms. If you are planning to live independently and need some isolation then there is the facility of Off-Campus student housing which has various rooms such as studios, private rooms, and shared rooms. 

    These accommodations offer various facilities to the students living in that accommodation which includes a gym, a cinema hall, social areas, a gaming area and much more. If you are looking for off-campus student accommodations then keep a few things in mind which are location and budget.

    Transportation in Linz

    Linz has an amazing public transportation system. The plan for the tram (red) and bus lines is available. Students can buy an 'Aktivpass', which allows them to buy a monthly card that is valid for all lines, and they will get all tickets at half price. Tickets for the bus and trams can be purchased from the vending machines at each stop, as well as from the tobacco and newspaper shops

    Famous Universities in Linz

    If you are looking for a better education abroad then Austria’s city Linz is one of the best cities for you to start your education. The city of Austria, Linz is known for its esteemed universities and colleges offering numerous courses in various fields. 

    Johannes Kepler University Linz is a public university of higher education in Austria. The university offers bachelor's, master's, diploma and doctoral degrees in different fields such as business, engineering, law, science, social sciences and medicine. 

    The other prominent university in Linz is the Catholic Private University is one of the four universities in Linz with approximately 500 students enrolled. The university is recognized as a private university but its tuition fees currently match those of Austria's public universities from December 2004. 

    If you are interested in making your career in Art and Design then The University of Art and Design is one of the best universities in Linz. This university is commonly known as the University of Arts Linz. The university was established in 1947.

    Student Life in Linz

    Linz is a fantastic place to live as it offers an amazing life to the students. The city is known for its culture and various universities. You can choose various academic programs that allow you to chase your dreams and future careers with full confidence. 

    1. The university has quality education, and faculties and provides amazing study materials to the students. Students can take part in extracurricular activities and join various clubs at their university. Linz is rich in culture as well. 
    2. Apart from studying and attending university, students can spend time exploring the city. 
    3. The Danube River crosses through the city, which will help you to take relaxing walks. 
    4. The student atmosphere at night is quite lively and young people go out for a drink both in the center and in the nightclubs.

    What Makes Linz Unique?

    Linz is known for its prestigious universities and amazing education facilities. You must be wondering what’s unique about the city. The city is known for its oldest church in Austria which is St Martin’s Church. The church has been preserved in its original condition. The city is known for its amazing culture and has an attractive architectural heritage from the 19th century. 

    While living in the city you can walk down the old towns and their streets and you will observe historical buildings, such as the large Landhaus building, the Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus) and the Linz Castle (Schlossmuseum Linz).

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check out these answers to common questions and go to Help Centre for more details.

    Q. How can students book student accommodations in Linz?

    A.Bookings for student accommodations in Linz can be done after having paid a security deposit or bond amount (as required). The deposit amount might vary from one property to another. In addition to that there might be a booking and application fee as well.

    Q. What all facilities can be found in Linz student accommodations?

    A.The best amenities imaginable are available in the student accommodations in Linz. These include a variety of essentials. They include comfortable beds, a wardrobe, a separate study area, and storage shelves. Everyone has access to both private and shared bathrooms. In addition to that, there can be communal amenities such as laundry rooms, recreational zones, and much more.

    Q. What are some of the best universities in Linz?

    A.Some of the top universities in Linz are University of Art and Design Linz, Catholic Private University Linz and Johannes Kepler University Linz.

    Q. How expensive is it to reside in Linz?

    A.Without rent, the projected monthly expenses for a family of four are 3,696.6$ (3,532.9€). Without rent, the projected monthly expenses for a single person are 1,064.3$ (1,017.1€). Without rent, Linz is 32.0% less expensive than New York. In comparison to New York, the average rent in Linz is 78.8% less.

    Q. What is the best way to commute in public in Linz?

    A.As Linz is connected to both Vienna and Salzburg via the Eurocity and Intercity networks, it is possible to travel to and from Linz by train. From Vienna and Salzburg, connections are accessible to the majority of significant European cities. Another mode of transportation in the nearby Linz area is by taxi.

    Q. How can I discover the best student accommodations in Linz?

    A.If you are searching for student accommodations in Linz, University Living is here for you. In the website, you'll discover a wide range of housing options that perfectly match your needs and preferences. From shared apartments to studio rooms and even ensuite spaces, they have it all.

    Q. Do Linz student accommodations come with parking facilities?

    A.The parking facility availability varies among student accommodations in Linz. while some student accommodations may come with parking conveniences within the premises, others might not. Before reserving an apartment, it is best to go through the policies and contract details once.

    Q. Is Linz a safe abode for international students?

    A.In general, female tourists can feel secure in Linz. The city has good law enforcement and a low crime rate. Women should use the same safety precautions they would in any other city, such as staying alert and avoiding nighttime alone strolling.

    Q. Do student accommodations in Linz have short-term stays?

    A.Short-term stays are a possibility with several student housing alternatives in Linz. Visit the website to review the terms and length of the contract. Then you can choose one and secure the ideal student apartment that caters to your needs.

    Q. What is the cost of living in Linz?

    A.You can acquire an accurate breakdown of costs for housing, food, transportation, utilities, and other daily necessities in Linz by making use of the cost of living calculator available in our University Living calculator.