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Everything about Student Accommodation Copenhagen

About Copenhagen

Did you know that the capital and the most populated city in Denmark is Copenhagen? If you need to find Denmark on a map, just look up North in Europe, it's one of the Nordic countries there. When visiting Copenhagen, you'll find yourself on the eastern coast of the Zealand island. Guess what? It's even interconnected with Sweden through the Oresund Bridge. The city boasts a colorful past that goes back to the time of the Vikings. Formally put on the map in the 12th century, this city has played a massive role as a center for trading, cultural exchanges, and governance. For all the culture buffs reading this, get ready to be spoiled with a repository of museums, art galleries and theatres along with a vibrant music scene. Copenhagen also hosts several royal homes. The Danish royal family, for instance, calls the Amalienborg Palace home. Similarly, the Rosenborg Castle is where the Danish crown jewels rest. For all the eco-warriors out there, Copenhagen might be paradise. It's regularly applauded as one of the most sustainable cities globally, known for its focus on environmental protection, cycle-friendly pathways, and constant efforts to lower carbon emissions. Denmark never fails to impress! It’s always at the top of the charts when it comes to global quality of life rankings. Copenhagen is no exception, showing off Denmark's best with its superb living standards, excellent social welfare, and a smashing focus on keeping work and life in perfect balance.

About Accommodation

Copenhagen, a city loved for its liveliness and accessibility, boasts several neighbourhoods that appeal to international students. These neighbourhoods are in close vicinity to universities and possess a unique, lively atmosphere with plenty of amenities. Norrebro neighbourhood is famous for its multicultural and youthful ambience. It's a hip spot showcasing a cocktail of cultures, with an assortment of cafes, bars, and boutiques. The very best part? It's near the University of Copenhagen's North Campus. Vesterbro is known for its bohemian allure and brims with students, artists, and creative professionals. Its closeness to the city centre and the Central Station makes it a perfect location for daily commute. Frederiksberg is just a little westward of the city centre with a lush and high-end neighbourhood. Here, you'll find a blend of parks, shops, and eateries. It's a friendly distance from the University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School. Osterbro is a resident-friendly neighbourhood known for its family-friendly ambience and verdant spaces for student accommodations in Copenhagen.

Various Accommodation in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a favourite spot for students, thanks to its world-class universities and lively student culture. The city offers a range of student living options to suit varying tastes and budgets. Talking about the on-campus student accommodations in Copenhagen, student dormitories are usually university-owned or run by student bodies. Here, you get an individual room in a shared flat, with common use of kitchens, bathrooms, and shared spaces. Kollegiums are Denmark's version of student housing complexes. Very similar to dormitories, they provide a combination of single rooms or apartments with communal facilities. Also, not to deny there are a bunch of off-campus student accommodation options too. Shared Apartments are always a popular choice for many students who rent a room in a shared flat. You'll have your private room but will share communal areas like the kitchen, living room, and bathroom with your flatmates. It's usually easier on the pocket than having your own apartment. How to forget about having independence in a foreign land? Studio Apartments are for students who value their privacy and independence, so it is a perfect match. You'll have your own space without sharing with others. The variety in these student accommodations is pretty wide - you could find yourself a cosy little spot or a spacious apartment, in various locations, and with various amenities.

Explore Copenhagen

A visit to the lively and culture-filled city of Denmark's capital, Copenhagen, is sure to be a delight as it's famed for its lovely streets, important historical sites, modern architectural structures, and substantial emphasis on green living. While you're there, don't miss out on Nyhavn, an extremely photogenic waterfront area. Don't forget to visit The Little Mermaid. This cherished icon of Copenhagen is perched by the waterside at the Langelinie promenade. The statue, which symbolizes a famous Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, is a top attraction and rightfully so. For endless fun, stop by Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest amusement parks worldwide. Feel the adrenaline rush on exciting rides, enjoy scenic views of landscaped gardens, watch live performances, and treat your taste buds with a variety of food options. Let's not skip over the Christiansborg Palace, it's not just an ordinary palace. It's also the location of the Danish Parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Prime Minister's Office. Definitely check out Stroget, one of Europe's longest pedestrian shopping streets. You'll find a fantastic blend of luxury boutiques, world-known brands, and quaint local shops. If you're keen to explore more about food while in Copenhagen, you can't afford to miss Paper Island or Reffen. These places host the city's vibrant street food market. As one of the most bicycle-friendly cities globally, no trip to Copenhagen is complete without a bike ride. So, why not rent one and tour the city like a true local?

Famous Universities in Copenhagen

Copenhagen boasts some prestigious universities and educational establishments, providing a fully loaded academic landscape. The University of Copenhagen is almost a classic. Founded in 1479, this makes it one of the oldest and truly respected universities in Scandinavia. It boasts a huge array of programs in diverse fields. You can dive into humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences and many more. The university maintains an impressive performance, ranking among the top universities worldwide. For those more scientifically inclined, the Technical University of Denmark shines in the areas of engineering, natural sciences, and technical research. The Copenhagen Business School or CBS stands as one of Europe's star business schools, offering a wealth of programs catering to business, economics, and management. Finally, the IT aficionados would appreciate the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). Specializing in information technology, digital innovation, and computer science, the ITU has a habitual place in today's digital world.

Student Life in Copenhagen

Ever thought about studying in Copenhagen, Denmark? The city shines as a buzzing centre of scholarly brilliance, filled with an amazing mix of cultures. With a unique blend of academic excellence, rich cultural encounters, and high living standards - student life here is just phenomenal. As Denmark's capital, it houses several prestigious universities and colleges. Students from all walks of life and corners of the world come to study abroad in Copenhagen. It's truly an international educational hub in a homely setting. Hence, labelling Copenhagen as an international student city wouldn't be an exaggeration. Every day as a student here, you will interact with folks from various backgrounds, enhancing your cultural understanding and broadening your worldview. Copenhagen also offers a wide range of social activities and events exclusively for students. Whether you're looking for student unions, clubs, or organizations - they're all here, regularly organizing parties, workshops, seminars, and cultural gatherings. And of course, talking about student life and skipping the nightlife? That's not done. Known for its lively nightlife, Copenhagen has it all - from bars and clubs to live music venues catering to all tastes. Copenhagen is often celebrated as a city that loves bikes. The majority of residents and students opt for biking – it's both a practical and green way of getting around. This is a big part of the student lifestyle, as it allows easy city exploration.

What makes Copenhagen City unique?

Copenhagen is such a charming spot to be. It's especially renowned for its Little Mermaid Statue and vibrant Nyhavn Harbor adding a riot of colors to the city. Everyone raves about the local treats, particularly the irresistible Danish Butter Cookies. Plus, let’s not forget about Copenhagen being a real hotspot for that clean, minimalist Scandinavian design we all love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these answers to common questions and go to Help Centre for more details.

Q. What are the various types of student accommodations available in Copenhagen?

A.Students who intend to reside in Copenhagen have the flexibility to select their accommodation based on their budget and personal preferences. They have the option to either opt for on-campus housing, encompassing dormitories and university halls, or explore off-campus alternatives such as PBSAs, private rentals, or homestays.

Q. Is Copenhagen a good city for students?

A.Yes, Copenhagen serves as an excellent destination for studying abroad. Denmark consistently achieves high rankings in terms of both quality of life and education, with Copenhagen particularly catering to the needs and aspirations of students.

Q. What are the renowned institutions to study in Copenhagen?

A.Some of the prestigious institutions in Copenhagen include the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School and the IT University of Copenhagen.

Q. Can I get free parking facilities in student housing in Copenhagen?

A.In Copenhagen student housing, students have two options for parking arrangements: street parking or a designated parking space. However, it is important to note that not all properties offer parking facilities, as it varies depending on the specific property.

Q. What are the best neighbourhoods for students to reside in Copenhagen?

A.Copenhagen is a vibrant city and students can select from the various neighbourhoods available like Norrebro, Vesterbro, Frederiksberg, Amager and Valby.

Q. How to travel in Copenhagen?

A.The most efficient means of transportation in Copenhagen is primarily through walking or cycling. However, in some situations, it is worthwhile to rely upon the contemporary public transportation system. This system encompasses metro lines, extensive bus routes, and an easily comprehensible train network, enabling smooth navigation throughout the city.

Q. How can I find student accommodations in Copenhagen?

A.Finding student housing in Copenhagen is an effortless process through our user-friendly website, University Living. Simply visit our online platform to explore numerous accommodation options available in Copenhagen. You can conveniently browse and compare listings to identify the perfect choice that suits both your requirements and budget.

Q. Are there any discounts for international students while booking accommodation in Copenhagen?

A.If you make your accommodation reservation several months prior to embarking on your academic journey, you have the opportunity to avail incredible offers. Early bookings come with exclusive discounts, in addition to already reduced prices for accommodations during the initial days.

Q. What documents and paperwork are required when applying for student housing in Copenhagen?

A.To remain in Denmark for a period exceeding three months, it is mandatory to seek a residence permit. This official document confirms your eligibility to stay in Denmark on the basis of your academic pursuits. The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) is responsible for issuing the residence permit, thus it is important to submit your application through their channels.

Q. Is Copenhagen an affordable city for international students?

A.Denmark boasts one of the highest standards of living worldwide, but it is accompanied by a steep cost, even by European norms. The living expenses for students residing in Copenhagen generally encompass rental fees, food expenditures, transportation charges, medical bills, and other miscellaneous costs. As a rough estimate, this can amount to approximately DKK 10,000 to DKK 14,000 per month.