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Distance from City Center Groningen
    Van Heemskerckstraat - 1455782 Groningen
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    Nieuweweg - 1432319 Groningen
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    Tuinbouwdwarsstraat - 1485259 Groningen
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    Boterdiep - 1073948 Groningen
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    Oosterweg - 1365301 Groningen
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    Helperzoom - 1041768 Groningen
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    Koninginnelaan - 1490086 Groningen
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    Deluxe Studio Room with Private Kitchenette near the Grote Markt Groningen
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    Visserstraat - 1138227 Groningen
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    Apartment 43 - Luxury with terrace Groningen
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    Apartment 51 with terrace Groningen
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    Everything about Student Accommodation Groningen

    Groningen is the 6th largest city in the Netherlands, surrounded by picturesque countryside. It is a young, diverse, and lively city with half the population under 35 and hosts 9000 international students from 127 countries. Groningen is also home to old centuries buildings and down-to-earth like its people. It is also an affordable city as compared to many other cities in the Netherlands, with student housing rent ranging between €206.25 to €913 per week.

    Dutch universities do not have a tradition of providing on-campus accommodation. The city itself is a student campus offering affordable student housing in Groningen.

    Finding these budget-friendly student accommodation in Groningen city is easy on University Living. You can search from the many types of accommodation listed on our website like student housing (studio €270 - €650 per month), (suite student room in Groningen €350 - €700/month), (en-suite student room in Groningen €400 - €800 per month). The other type of accommodation is a private student apartment €500 - €1000 per month and shared student apartment €300 - €600 per month.

    University Living is a global student housing platform catering to student’s housing needs. It’s an easy process to book a student room in Groningen city with us! All you have to do is sign up, log in, and start your search! We are here to assist you with the desired accommodation, where you can compare location, price, amenities, and other preferences with other properties

    Top Demanded Student Accommodation in Groningen

    With University Living by your side, you have the option of finding and booking luxurious to cheap student accommodation in Groningen. But it would help if you kept a few factors in mind before considering Groningen student accommodation, such as location proximity, safety, pricing, amenities, etc. 

    Below are the types of student accommodation options available in the city. There's a brief description to help you understand your options before booking the student home.

    Student Housing: If you enjoy privacy and independence yet want to socialize, network, and make friends, student housing in Groningen is the best choice! It offers private student rooms and shared full student rooms, furnished and equipped with modern amenities, like a Double Bed, Study Desk with Chair, Wardrobe, Bathroom, Private or Shared Kitchen, and a Living Area with an inclusive utility bills.

    Private Apartment: The student apartment in Groningen is an off-campus accommodation in Groningen. The apartments come in as single occupancy or shared occupancy furnished and inclusive of utility bills like electricity, gas, water, internet, etc.

    About Groningen

    Groningen is a young, small city with a night scene that never sleeps. It has a high student population density in the country with a substantial international community. It's not just a student city offering 100% English-taught programs, affordable sports facilities, student societies, and associations, but it gives residents an excellent quality of life. Groningen is rated the ten best cities in the "Quality of Life European Cities" by the European Commission (2020). It is also known as a world cycling city where people cycle everywhere as they all work towards making it a green city for people to enjoy a quality life of air, water, and food.

    Groningen is the economic capital of the north of the capital, having the largest natural gas field, sugar factory, and shipbuilding. There's a thriving culture of start-ups in the city, opening opportunities for students to work on a part-time and full-time basis.

    Regarding leisure and nature, this place speaks for itself; whether it's sleepy villages, forests, wildlife, wetlands, or even islands, you will never run short of things to do in Groningen.

    Best Student Areas in Groningen

    Oosterpoort: It is a diverse student area only 4 km from the city center. There's a young and couple population, too. You will find traditional buildings, student housing, home-like bars, and cafes. If you enjoy music, theaters, and concerts, you'll love it here.

    Rivierenbuurt: It is another student area as it is only 2.1 km away from the city center, just behind the central station. This makes it very convenient to travel anywhere in the city, to the universities, markets, etc. There's an area of Perkweg that is very popular among students around this neighborhood.

    Vinkhuize: If you are studying at Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen, consider this area. It is 5 km from the city center and offers cheap student accommodation compared to most student localities in Groningen.

    Ideal cost of living in Groningen

    Groningen is less expensive as compared to major cosmopolitan cities. The average cost of living in Groningen is €800 - €1,000 per month excluding your tuition fees.

    The monthly expenses in Groningen will include your rent, food, travel, and extras. The cost of renting student housing in Groningen will range between €250 - €500 per week. The cost of groceries in Groningen will come to around €200 - €300 per month. If you choose to eat outside, dining in a mid-range restaurant will cost €15 - €20 per meal, drinks will fetch to about €5 - €10 and fast-food meals might be slightly cheaper.

    Please bear in mind that the cost of living in Groningen will depend on the lifestyle.

    Best Transportation Services in Groningen

    Staying in the world cycling city is the best way to take advantage of its bike-friendly roads and go the Dutch way! You can bike around the city, and if your campus is near your student accommodation, why not? But, if you need public transportation, there are buses and trains to take you around the city, etc.

    Buses: The buses are efficient, though they are small numbers as they cover routes with the city. There are also bus lines that connect to the outer city and two lines, 11 and 15, to the Zernike campus.

    Trains: The trains are a suitable mode for the public to travel to other cities of the Netherlands.

    If you study at the Hanze University of Applied Science, then grab this Tripkey Mobility Card. It will give you discounted fares on your travels. There's the Ov-chipcard, too, that offers discounts on public transportation.

    Groningen Tourist Attractions

    Martinitoren: This is a 500-year-old monument and one of the tallest buildings in the city. Despite enduring war and many natural calamities, the 97-meter building stands strong and offers visitors the best view of the city.

    Nationaal Park Lauwersmeer: It's a paradise of leisure and recreational activities. Whether you want to hike, boat, bird watching, or even walk under the stars, you will be in harmony with nature in this park.

    Universities in Groningen

    Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen

    It is a public university offering vocational studies and specializing in applied sciences. The university ranks # =145 in European University Rankings-Western Europe. Students can apply for scholarships available at the university.

    University of Groningen

    It is a public university dating back to 1614, offering UG and PG programs. This is a prestigious university and ranks # 139 in QS World University Rankings.

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    Terms & Conditions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check out these answers to common questions and go to Help Centre for more details.

    Q. How can I book student accommodations in Groningen City?

    A.Bookings for student housing in Groningen city can be made after paying a necessary security deposit or bond. Depending on the property and its location, the deposit amount could vary. Additionally, there may be a booking fee and an application fee.

    Q. What services and amenities are available in Groningen city student accommodations?

    A.The student housing in Groningen offers the best amenities possible. These come with a number of facilities. They feature cozy and comfortable bedding, a wardrobe, a dedicated study space, and storage units. Both private and communal bathrooms are available to everyone. Additionally, there might be in-unit services such as laundry rooms, recreation areas, and much more.

    Q. What are the highly reputed educational institutions in Groningen?

    A.Some of the most reputed educational institutions in Groningen are University of Groningen, Hanze University Groningen and International Business School. These universities are globally recognized and hundreds of students from all over the globe travel to Groningen to study here.

    Q. Is Groningen an affordable place for students?

    A.In Groningen, the average monthly cost of living for an individual is €1285; for a couple, it is €1780; for a family of three, it is €2,837; and for an international student (without tuition costs), it is €980.

    Q. How can one commute in Groningen city?

    A.In Groningen and Drenthe, using an OV chip card to travel is typically the most cost-effective option. However, purchasing a bus ticket is still an option. Please note that on all the buses, you can only pay for a ticket by debit or credit card or pay with your phone. They no longer accept cash.

    Q. How can I explore the best student accommodations in Groningen?

    A.If you are searching for student accommodations in Groningen, University Living is here for you. In the website, you'll be able to browse through a wide range of housing options that perfectly match your needs and preferences. From shared apartments to studio rooms and even ensuites, they have it all.

    Q. Do Groningen student accommodations come with pet friendly premises?

    A.The pet-friendly availability varies among student accommodations in Groningen. While some student accommodations may come with pet-friendly premises, others might not. Before booking an apartment, it is best to go through the pet policies and contract details once.

    Q. Is Groningen a safe place for international students?

    A.Groningen city is generally considered to be a safe city. The residents are tolerant and respectful. While you might experience occasional catcalling or lewd comments, particularly near nightclubs or bars late at the night, it is not a regular instance

    Q. Do student accommodations in Groningen have both long and short-term stays?

    A.Short-term stays are a possibility with several student housing alternatives in Groningen City. Visit the website to review the terms and length of the contract. Then you can choose one and secure the ideal student apartment that caters to your needs.

    Q. How can I calculate and check the cost of living in Groningen City?

    A.You can get a breakdown of costs for housing, food, transportation, utilities, and other regular necessities in Groningen by making use of the cost of living calculator available in our University Living calculator