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    Everything about Student Accommodation Helsinki

    Helsinki, Finland's capital and biggest city stands out for its seamless fusion of contemporary elements and natural beauty. Nestled along the picturesque southern coast, offering stunning vistas of the Gulf of Finland, this thriving urban center takes great pride in being the political, cultural, and economic epicenter of the nation. Helsinki's captivating cityscape is truly extraordinary, effortlessly blending captivating neoclassical structures from contemporary designs. Despite its urban vibe, Helsinki is surrounded by serene natural landscapes that will take your breath away. The Helsinki archipelago, consisting of more than 300 islands, provides plenty of outdoor activities and leisurely relaxation opportunities

    Find Student Accommodation in Helsinki

    Finding suitable student accommodation in Helsinki is a must for students studying in the city. Helsinki offers an array of neighborhoods that cater to the needs and preferences of international students. One of these neighborhoods is Pasila, which is quickly becoming popular. It has great public transportation connections and is home to the Pasila campus of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Another fantastic neighborhood to consider is Kamppi, which is located right in the heart of Helsinki. Known for its modern shopping centers and mouthwatering restaurants it is particularly convenient for students attending universities like the University of Helsinki. Kallio neighborhood is full of life and diversity, with a bustling atmosphere, cool cafes, bars, and exciting cultural events. It's a top pick for students because it offers affordable housing and is conveniently close to the city center. Just a stone's throw away from the University of Helsinki's Kumpula Campus, the Arabianranta neighborhood is an eco-friendly area that celebrates design and innovation. Here, you can find a blend of student accommodations and family-friendly apartments to suit your needs.

    Various Types of Student Accommodation in Helsinki

    Finland’s largest city Helsinki, offers an extensive selection of student accommodation options to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of its student community. The question that matters most is: what option do you prefer while searching for a housing facility? In Helsinki, you have a wide range of choices available. You can opt for student dormitories, apartments, shared housing, or even family homestays, each with its own pros and cons. It is essential to consider what best suits your individual preferences, financial capability, and inclination for independence. Helsinki provides numerous possibilities, whether you favor staying on-campus housing or exploring off-campus accommodations. The availability of these different housing arrangements makes it a great city for international students. No worries whether you're thinking of living with your friends and sharing a place or if you're venturing alone in an unfamiliar city, Helsinki caters to all kinds of preferences. 

    Explore Helsinki

    No doubt about it, Helsinki is an incredible destination for both nature enthusiasts and knowledge seekers. You'll find endless exploration opportunities in this charming city. Kick off your adventure at the picturesque Senate Square, a must-visit spot for memorable photography. Don't miss the breathtaking Helsinki Cathedral, a true architectural gem with its neoclassical design. If you're lucky, also catch a mesmerizing concert at the unique Temppeliaukio Church. To add a touch of rural Finnish life to your experience, make sure to visit the delightful open-air museum on Seurasaari Island. You'll get a chance to immerse yourself in traditional Finnish culture and customs. For bookworms, Helsinki Central Library Oodi is a must visit. It's not just your ordinary library – it's a stunning architectural marvel where you can dive into books and study, all while enjoying breathtaking panoramic views of the city from the top floor. In the summer, unwind at Hietaniemi Beach, where you can soak up the sun, take a refreshing swim, or have a delightful picnic in the nearby park. And of course, a trip to Helsinki wouldn't be complete without indulging in the mouthwatering Finnish cuisine with delicious dishes like salmon soup, Karelian pastries, and even reindeer. 

    Famous Universities in Helsinki

    Other than the beautiful exploration sites, Helsinki is also famous for its prestigious universities and institutions that offer amazing education and research opportunities. Which is the most famous university in Helsinki? No wonder, The University of Helsinki has a rich history dating back to 1640. It offers an incredible array of programs in the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and medicine. Aalto University, a renowned Finnish university, is a captivating hub that pulls in students globally. This university is particularly special as it was created by merging three prestigious Finnish universities: the Helsinki School of Economics, the Helsinki University of Technology, and the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Are there any further additions to this prestigious alliance? Other renowned universities are the Helsinki University of the Arts, Hanken School of Economics, and HUMAK University of Applied Sciences. 

    Student Life in Helsinki

    Student life in Helsinki has such a vibrant and diverse atmosphere. The city is definitely known for its top-notch universities and research institutions. But it's not all about hitting the books here. Nope, Helsinki's universities really know how to make student life exciting. They've got these amazing student organizations and clubs that cater to every interest under the sun. Helsinki loves to throw parties! Throughout the year, the city hosts all sorts of social events, festivals, and cultural gatherings happening. You can visit the Helsinki Festival, Lux Helsinki (an awesome light art event), and even Restaurant Day, which is like a food carnival. As a student, you get to take advantage of Finland's top-notch healthcare system which is known for being high-quality and affordable compared to many other countries. 

    What makes Helsinki City unique?

    If you're looking for something exclusive that sets the city apart, you won't want to miss Helsinki's observation wheel, also known as SkyWheel. Right in the heart of the city, this wheel offers a classic ride with an extraordinary view from the top. The city is a delightful blend of greenery, openness, and liveliness. With the world-class architecture and design, indulge in the one-of-a-kind public sauna culture, savor the unique Nordic cuisine at restaurants, and capture the charm of the picturesque villages and towns.

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