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Lake Land Living Mattoon (Illinois)
2110 Laker Ave, Mattoon, IL 61938, USA
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Everything about Student Accommodation Mattoon, IL

The city of Mattoon in Coles County, Illinois, United States, is noteworthy for its historical importance. It's especially recognized for its significant role in the development of the American railroad system. As a pivotal point within Illinois, Mattoon played a crucial part in the economic growth and spread of the Illinois Central Railroad during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In addition to its historical value, Mattoon exudes a distinctive small-town appeal and is celebrated for nurturing a robust sense of community among its inhabitants. The city exhibits a well-balanced economic landscape, instead of being heavily dependent on a single industry. It also features a vibrant economic portfolio that spans multiple sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, and education. Mattoon's community spirit is palpable during its numerous events and festivals. These often celebrate local culture, arts, and traditions, fostering togetherness amongst its residents. An iconic event in Mattoon is the Bagelfest, an annual festival featuring a variety of activities, including live music, parades, food vendors, and bagel-related contests. Mattoon's strategic position in Illinois enhances travel convenience within the state, due to its proximity to key highways. Its cost of living is typically less expensive compared to bigger cities, thus making it an attractive option for individuals in search of cost-effective living options.

Student Accommodation Mattoon

Mattoon is a small city that boasts a vibrant community spirit. Its welcoming vibes make it an excellent place for international students to study abroad in Mattoon. Despite its compact size, Mattoon has a number of areas that offer student-friendly environments. Notably, areas close to Lake Land College provide student residents with easy access to educational facilities and events. To maximize convenience, it is advisable to consider rental housing options within walking/short commute distance from the college campus. Moreover, Mattoon's Downtown Area is a hub of activity with myriad local businesses, eateries, and shops. Living in or close to this area ensures easy access to amenities and fosters a sense of belonging in the community. Importantly, this region is also likely to be conveniently located relative to Lake Land College. Mattoon features diverse residential neighbourhoods, offering a combination of homes and apartment options.

Various types of Student Accommodation in Mattoon

While Mattoon might not have as many student accommodation options, given its small city status, it does have some great housing choices for international students. If your college, like Lake Land College, offers on-campus student accommodation, it could be a hassle-free solution. Staying on campus keeps you close to your classes and other campus facilities. Plus, it also gives you a chance to bond with your fellow students. Off-campus student accommodations are usually located close to the campus with rental plans designed for students. They can be either furnished or unfurnished, offering a sense of independence. Sharing an apartment or a house with a bunch of roommates is a fun and economical way to live. It's a sure-shot way of making friends and dividing living expenses. Try exploring options for apartments or homes in Mattoon that are rented out by private landlords. This choice gives you more independence, although it might involve additional tasks such as managing utilities and communicating with the landlord.

Explore Mattoon

Mattoon is a delightful and inviting city nestled in Illinois. This bespeaking place offers the perfect blend of a cosy small-town feel, rich historical landmarks, and vibrant community get-togethers. Even though it's a bit on the smaller side, Mattoon has plenty of locations and activities worth your while. A standout event in Mattoon is the yearly Mattoon Bagelfest. Considered one of the city's most renowned events, it houses an assortment of activities such as live music, parades, food stalls, and one-of-a-kind bagel-inspired contests. This is your golden ticket to savour the local culture and spirited community. Next stop on your exploration list should be the campus of Lake Land College. They offer a variety of academic courses and resources for the community. The college is also known for hosting its share of events, workshops, and cultural activities you can join in on. For you nature lovers out there, the Douglas-Hart Nature Center is a sanctuary worth visiting. Capture your interest by walking the trails, joining educational programs, or exploring the local plant and animal life. If you're a fan of arts and crafts, you must attend the Mattoon Artisan Fair. It's the perfect stage where local artisans display their unique, handmade creations. What's more? It also provides an amazing chance to support our talented local artists. Indulge in Mattoon’s rich dining scene by exploring our local eateries and cafes. It's the perfect opportunity to savour an array of regional cuisine that this town has to offer.

Famous Universities in Mattoon

Mattoon, Illinois, may not be a hotspot for universities, but it's definitely famous for one thing - its community college, Lake Land College. Situated in the heart of Mattoon, Lake Land College may not fit the traditional concept of a university, but it's no less impressive. Running a wide spectrum of academic programs, vocational training, and continuing education courses, it stands as an essential resource for education. With opportunities to earn associate degrees, certificates, or even transfer programs to four-year universities, Lake Land College truly caters to a variety of educational aspirations. It's the go-to institution for gaining new skills or furthering your education in a range of disciplines.

Student Life in Mattoon

Based around Lake Land College, Mattoon's student life is a blend of academic ventures, community participation, and a nurturing setting. Mattoon may be a smaller city, but it never fails to offer students an exceptional and valuable experience. The college brims with educational opportunities. It also provides a vast array of academic courses, from associate degrees to career-oriented training. So, as a student, you'll be in the perfect place to work towards your learning objectives and pick up essential skills for your dream career. Moreover, Lake Land College frequently organises on-campus happenings, informative workshops, and seminars. These are specially designed with students' interests in mind and offer excellent chances for interaction with peers, professors, and administrative staff. So, outside your regular study hours, you'll never run out of things to get involved in. Despite not having as many student organizations as bigger universities, our college is sure to have clubs or groups that align with your specific interests. Whether your passion is an academic subject, a favourite hobby, or a social cause, you're likely to find your tribe here. Mattoon and the areas around it are blessed with plenty of outdoor spots for activities like hiking, biking, or having a picnic. It’s a fantastic way to relax and soak up nature’s beauty. And if you're considering a part-time job while pursuing your studies, Mattoon's local community might just have the opportunity you're looking for.

What makes Mattoon City unique?

Join the lively city of Mattoon, Illinois, where all things bagel are celebrated in the unique annual Bagelfest. This festival offers the chance to relish in the delectable tastes and unique experiences centred around bagels. You can enjoy a parade, have fun on carnival rides, delight in concerts, and get an authentic taste of the local community spirit.

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