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    About Quebec City

    The delight to history and the only walled city to the North of Mexico, Quebec City is the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec. If we go by the meaning of the name of the city, it actually means “where the river narrows”. You’ll be surprised to know that according to the Canada Statistics, the majority of the population speaks French in Quebec City and more than one-third of the residents reported being capable of speaking both French and English. If we talk about the employment conditions in the city, the provincial government is the largest employer in Quebec City and most of the jobs are in the fields of administration, defence, commerce, transport and tourism. Can’t miss out on the Winter Carnival Festival, which is the most popular summer music festival in Quebec City and its Saint Jean Baptiste Day Celebrations. Additionally, if you are planning to visit Quebec City be ready to step inside the blanket of snow which technically stays from November to March. 

    Everything about Student Accommodation Quebec City

    For International students planning to move to this Iceland, there are many types of student accommodations in Quebec City. If you want to stay close to your university or just want to live somewhere independently, the city has got all the suitable options for you. The student accommodations can vary depending on your choices and your preferred budget. Here are some of the neighbourhoods in Quebec City that you can choose to reside in. Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood is known for its bohemian vibes and is in close proximity to the UQAM and the University of Montreal. Here students can find a wide range of housing options to reside in. Downtown, which is located in the heart of Montreal is another area with good links to public transportation. The neighbourhood features many housing facilities and is good for students attending UQAM. Mile End which is close to both UQAM and the University of Montreal is another thriving neighbourhood in the city. International students can find affordable housing in this area with vibrant music scenes. Lastly, Ville-Marie, known as McGill Ghetto is near the Downtown area and is suitable for both students attending UQAM and McGill University. 

    Various Types of Student Accommodation in Quebec City

    There are various types of student accommodations available in Quebec City for international students. From on-campus student accommodations to off-campus student accommodations, the city has got it all. If you are a first-year student or a newbie in the city, you can choose to reside on-site at various dormitories and university halls provided by the universities. These on-site housing options offer communal facilities and boost a communal living environment. But if you want to live independently and need more privacy, many private landlords cater to off-campus housing options. These housing facilities might be studio rooms, shared rooms or private rooms in an apartment. However, you can even reside at various PBSAs (Purpose Built Student Accommodations) in Quebec City which typically come with all-inclusive of utility bills. These PBSAs also offer exceptional amenities such as laundry facilities, gym and parking facilities so that you can get everything under a single roof. 

    Explore Quebec City

    Often referred to as the “Paris of North America”, Quebec City has its own charm with a lot of French speakers. The city surely stands out in terms of weather & sights and brings its own stunning activities every season. So, let’s start with what can we explore in Quebec City. The Old Quebec is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has fortified walls to take a serene walk. Here you can explore the the cobblestone streets with local shops and historic buildings. The expansive urban park in the city, Plains of Abraham is a perfect place to explore for outdoor activities like walking, jogging and picnics. How can we not include something for art buffs? So, walk down through the streets of Old Port and scan yourself through the mesmerizing art galleries and antique shops. 

    Famous Universities in Quebec City

    Quebec City is home to many reputed and prestigious institutions. Here are some of the famous universities in the city. 

    1. McGill University is one of the top public universities in Quebec City known for its PhD students. The university attracts a lot of students from all over the world and is proudly known for its master’s programmes. 
    2. The University of Montreal is another well-known university in Canada known for its research and training programs. This is a French-language public research university and offers programmes in various fields.
    3. Université Laval or Laval University was founded in 1663 making it the oldest institution in higher education in Canada. The institution is ranked among the top 10 Canadian universities in research funding.
    4. Concordia University is an English-language public research university. It is a world-class institution with English as a primary language of instruction. The university offers 300 undergraduate and 100 graduate programs for students. 
    5. Université du Québec or University of Quebec at Montreal is well known for its scientific research and development. One of the outstanding features of the university is that it coordinated 1400 programs for over 1 lakh students. 

    Student Life in Quebec City

    With a mixed range of academic pursuits to a vibrant life, Quebec City in Canada has everything for students. Students here can attend the various stunning festivals like the Summer Music Festival and Winter Carnival. How can someone forget to try the local food in the city? The new generation of students often termed Foodies, can try the typical Quebecois cuisine such as Poutine (french fries topped with cheese curds). On the academic front, there are various student organisations and clubs for the students to join. With like-minded peers, students can engage in a lot of extracurricular activities and can even gain valuable experience outside the classroom. 

    Cost of Living in Quebec City

    Compared to other Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver, Quebec City definitely has a lower cost of living. For a single individual, the average cost of living in Quebec City would be around CA$1400 to CA$1800 per month. This monthly cost includes the expenses for rent, public transportation, groceries, medical bills and some other minute expenses. This can be relatively more or less depending on your requirements and also spending habits.

    What makes Quebec City Unique?

    So, apart from the usual answers about Quebec City’s uniqueness, one that stands out is that the city looks more charming under the blanket of snow. With dropping snowflakes and glowy lights the city surely becomes more magical and romantic, no less than a Wonderland. Quebec City is actually North America’s ice hotel and will surely provide you with heaps of snow in case you are packing your bags for a vacation or a short trip or are just moving to this city. 

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