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Navigating Student Life in Darmstadt

About Darmstadt

In southwest Germany is a city called Darmstadt, close to Frankfurt. It is largely known for the landmark Wedding Tower. There are also other art nouveau structures in the Mathildenhöhe neighborhood. Art nouveau jewelry, textiles, and glass are on display. These can be explored at the Museum Künstlerkolonie. Magnificent Joseph Beuys artwork is on display at the Hessisches Landesmuseum. There are Eocene-era fossils in the northeastern part of the Messel Pit. To the south is the dilapidated Frankenstein Castle. This may have inspired the very famous book.

Student Accommodation in Darmstadt

Student accommodation in Darmstadt is vast. They provide the highest degree of comfort for each and every student of theirs. They feature a wide variety of facilities as well. The services offered here guarantee security both inside and outside the student housing in Darmstadt properties. This is regardless of the length or duration of a student's stay.

In countries such as Germany, student accommodations can be reserved easily for students looking to pursue higher education abroad. This is possible only because of University Living, which is powered by AI and technology. Purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) is the type of student housing that the platform has operated with the most.

Best Student Accommodation in Darmstadt

A great range of student properties can be found in Darmstadt. The best pick among all students is the apartment category. This is where all students get to make the most of the basic necessities as well as premium furnishings. There are shared facilities which can be perfectly utilized. The great balance between making the most of your own space or privacy and a social interactive environment can be witnessed here. Safety and security is high end and spoken about in the student accommodation in Darmstadt.

Both tourists and students are drawn to the area because of its spectacular tourism destinations. Students can have an amazing time at the several vibrant restaurants and bars in this neighborhood. While some restaurants specialize in Mexican and South Asian delicacies, some others are known for their aesthetic ambience, a hip setting and other local cuisines.

Cost of Living in Darmstadt

Darmstadt isn't very cheap. The car and the rent will hold the largest positions. You don't need a car if you live in a city (more rent), or you can drive a relatively smaller automobile. Additionally, you might relocate to the outskirts where rent is cheaper. However, having a good car is a must.

Without rent, an individual's approximate monthly expenses can be around 1,104.4$ (1,048.3€).

Rent: €700- €1200/ month

Food: €300- €400/ month

Transportation: €50- € 80/ month

Miscellaneous: €150- € 250/ month

Student Lifestyle

Life as a student in Darmstadt has several facets. Free time and university activities take place here. Some of them are studying, writing tests, and participating in USZ sports. Perhaps, joining a university group as well. Where should you reside, how can you make friends in a new city, where are good parks and cafés, and how can you pay for your time as a student? The TU Darmstadt students provide you with their advice in every phase.

Student Travel Darmstadt

There are multiple transport options in Darmstadt. They include cars, buses, trams, trains, and more.

Darmstadt Tourist Attractions

The very majestic Art Nouveau buildings continue to add a distinct character to the muses' hill. The city is renowned for its publishing companies. There are also the Satellite Control Center (ESOC), the technological university, and globally acclaimed centers for music, art, and literature.

Despite its restricted size in terms of area, Darmstadt has a lot in store for people of all age groups. The Grand Dukes of Hesse and the Landgraves of Hesse-Darmstadt are housed in the city. If you're impressed by the luxury and wealth of Germany's nobility, this place will interest you. Their furniture, hunting gear and artwork are displayed in numerous museums throughout the city.

Ernst Ludwig is the final Grand Duke. It is credited with transforming an entire neighborhood into an Art Nouveau haven. This century-old group continues to be unique. However, Darmstadt also flaunts a scientific accolade. In addition to that, it has been listed on the Periodic Table as a result of Darmstadtium. Darmstadt is also home to the operations center of the European Space Agency.

Universities in Darmstadt

The "Higher Trade School" was established in the Hessian city in the early 1800s. This is when the Technical University of Darmstadt (TU Darmstadt) had its inception. But TU admittedly started to take shape in 1877. With engineering deeply connected with the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities, technology happens to be the core of the university's academic program. The university is a catalyst for technological and economic advancement in the Frankfurt-Rhein-Neckar region. It has also maintained several strategic connections with businesses and research organizations.

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Terms & Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these answers to common questions and go to Help Centre for more details.

Q. How can I book student accommodation in Darmstadt?

A.Bookings for student housing in Darmstadt city can be made after paying a necessary security deposit or bond. Depending on the property and its location, the deposit amount could vary. Additionally, there may be a booking fee and an application fee.

Q. What is the right time to book my accommodation in Darmstadt?

A.Your search for a room or apartment should begin as soon as possible. Your prospects of finding a reasonably priced room within six months are decent.

Q. What is the cost of living in Darmstadt?

A.Nestled in the heart of the Rhine-Main region, Darmstadt is a forward-thinking city renowned for its strong economic position and well-developed infrastructure. In the Rhine-Main region, some 5.5 million people reside, work, or attend school. Without rent, an individual's projected monthly expenses come to 1,088.9$ (1,019.0€).

Q. Can I get a furnished room in my accommodation?

A.The furnishings and other availability vary among student accommodations in Darmstadt. While some student accommodations may come with furnishings, others might not. Before booking an apartment, it is best to go through the policies and contract details once.

Q. What will be included in my accommodation in Darmstadt?

A.Some accommodations might include utilities such as water, gas, electricity, and internet while others might not. Therefore, it is best to go through the policies and contract details once.

Q. Is there any possibility of viewing my room before booking?

A.You can view your room and get all property details on our University Living website.

Q. Do I get to choose from a variety of accommodation options?

A.On the website, you'll be able to browse through a wide range of housing options that perfectly match your needs and preferences. From shared apartments to studio rooms and even ensuites, they have it all.

Q. Is Darmstadt an expensive city for students?

A.Without rent, a family of four is expected to spend 3,856.7$ (3,522.3€) a month. Without rent, a single person's approximate monthly expenses are 1,099.8 dollars (1,004.5 euros).

Q. What are the commuting options in the city for students?

A.Once you are in Darmstadt, you can either take a taxi or the tram/bus to get to your accommodation. Buses and trams run frequently from the main station to the city center.

Q. What are some of the famous universities in Darmstadt?

A.Some of the top institutions in Darmstadt are the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Protestant College of Darmstadt, and a few more.

Q. Can I pay my rent in installments?

A.Students can either pay in full or in installments. For some accommodations, students might have to opt for a guarantor in order to pay in installments.

Q. What are the payment methods that are accepted to book my accommodation?

A.There are a wide range of payment options such as bank transfer, direct deposit, debit/credit card, e-transfer, or payment through the resident portal. Therefore, it’s best recommended to check the property policies and details once prior to booking.

Q. Where do most international students live in Darmstadt?

A.Some of the affordable places where students can reside in the city are Bessungen, Arlheilgen, and Eberstadt.

Q. What if I want to book my accommodation for a short term?

A.Short-term stays are a possibility with several student housing alternatives in Darmstadt City. Visit the website to review the terms and length of the contract. Then you can choose one and secure the ideal student apartment that caters to your needs.

Q. Can I book accommodation with my friend?

A.Whether or not you can share the accommodation with a friend, depends on the accommodation itself. While some student accommodations may come with such facilities, others might not. Before booking an apartment, it is best to go through the policies and contract details once.

Q. Why is University Living the best place to get student accommodation?

A.University living is the best place to get student accommodation because students can consult with a 24/7 support team of accommodation experts to discover, compare, and book value-for-money accommodation based on their budget, desired location, and other personal preferences.

Q. What is cheaper off-campus accommodation or on-campus accommodation?

A.On-campus accommodation is cheaper - it is built within the campus to cater to students’ needs and requirements.

Q. Can my parents or friends stay with me for the initial days when I arrive?

A.Parents or friends can stay with you for the initial days if you are willing to have them over. However, contacting and clarifying such information with the property is advisable.

Q. What are the safety measures in my accommodation in Darmstadt?

A.Student accommodation in Darmstadt ensures top-notch safety and security. While most of them offer 24x7 emergency services, maintenance, and management; some also come with video surveillance.

Q. What are some of the things to do in Darmstadt?

A.The exquisite Art Nouveau buildings still add a distinct character to Darmstadt. The city is well-known for its publishing companies, the Satellite Control Center (ESOC), the technological university, and globally recognized centers for music, art, and literature. Students can explore all these places during their stay.