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    Uncommon Boise Boise (Idaho)

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    Identity Boise

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    Everything about Student Accommodation Boise, Idaho

    The largest city and capital of Idaho, in United States of America, Boise is a beautiful city. Rich in culture and diversity, the city is filled with people from all over the world. Many people choose to live in Boise for its scenic beauty, breathtaking mountain views, and outdoor recreational activities. Did you know, it is also referred to as the City of Trees? And not to forget, the mesmerizing Boise River is one of the major reasons why people love the city.

    Student Accommodation in Boise

    There are various student accommodation options for students who come to study in Boise. Keeping every student’s needs and interests in mind, the accommodation available in Boise is perfect for anyone looking for Student Housing Boise. Student accommodation Boise is famous among international students looking for a home away from home. Since people have different requirements when it comes to opting for student accommodation, Boise has a variety of options for students to choose from.

    You can choose long term as well as short term student accommodation in Boise, as per your requirement. All you need to do is decide which kind of student accommodation Boise you are looking for, and then search for that student residence Boise.

    Top Demanded Student Accommodation in Boise

    Boise is an excellent city for students, families as well as tourists. If you are an international student pursuing your education in Boise, then you must have knowledge of options regarding Student Living Boise.

    It is not easy to leave your home, and travel hundreds of kilometers away, and then find a new home. To make this process easier, there are many on campus and off campus housing Boise options available. Students can easily find their type of student apartments in Boise, since there are ample room types.

    On Campus Accommodation: Students can also live in University Halls if they wish to stay on the university premises.

    Off Campus Accommodation: There are several types of accommodations available if students wish to stay outside of campus. These types are given below in the following points:

    1.) Student Housing: To put these student housing Boise type in a simple way – These accommodations are managed privately and are designed especially for students. The needs of students are kept in mind, such as affordable Student rental Boise options, and then these PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation) are created.

    • Studio: These accommodations are basically one bedroom apartment. You get one bedroom, kitchen, living room and a bathroom.
    • Suites: These are one of the most preferred accommodations by students. You get one bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, without any partitions in the rooms.
    • Ensuites: The rooms have bathrooms attached to them. However, the students are required to share the living room and kitchen.

    2.) Private Apartments: Student Apartment Boise are perfect for students who prefer living in solace. They get the utmost privacy and personal space in their apartment.

    3.) Home Stays: A perfect way to experience the culture of a new city is by interacting with the locals of the city. In Home Stays, you get to live with a local family in Boise.

    Cost of Living in Boise

    Living in Boise is quite expensive as compared to other cities in the US. However, your expenses will majorly depend on the type of lifestyle you wish to live. Please refer to the points given below that give an estimate cost of living in Boise:

    • Student Accommodation Rent: Starts From 740$
    • Food: Around 60$
    • Transport: Around 90$
    • Miscellaneous: Around 200$

    Student Lifestyle & Living in Boise

    Students do not need to worry about not having enough things to do in Boise. The city is full of entertainment and adventures that every student will like. Whether you are a party person or a peace lover, there is something for each one of you.

    The city is rich in culture, arts, and many activities are available. From skiing, rock climbing, hiking, and numerous river sports. Students can also relax in the parks, have picnics and enjoy themselves while sitting on the riverside.

    Once you are done experiencing the adventures, you can do some cafe hopping along with your friends. There are plenty of cafes that are aesthetic, cute and all that every student needs. Students can grab shakes, eat pizzas, hangout with their friends, or simply read a book and enjoy some me-time.

    Transportation Options in Boise

    • Whether you need to travel from your Student Dorms Boise to your university, or explore the city, you need transport options that are affordable and easily accessible. Local buses run in Boise; however, they are not accessible from all points of the city. Since student accommodations are in well-known areas and closer to universities, students can easily cycle their way back and forth. Traveling by taxi is also an option to travel around the city. Let’s read more about the transport options in Boise in detail.
    • ValleyRide Bus: These are public transit services for Valley Regional Transit.
    • Commuteride: Ada County Highway District’s Commuteride Office basically aims at reducing traffic and pollution, by decreasing the number of people driving alone in a vehicle.
    • Uber & Lyft: Uber is one of the best apps for students, tourists or residents who are looking for affordable rides around the city. The payments are cashless, and you will be assigned the nearest driver.

    Tourist Attractions in Boise

    As mentioned above, Boise is a beautiful city with lots of entertainment and adventure options around. Given below are some activities are attractions that students must experience when in Boise.

    • Boise River Greenbelt
    • Boise Art Glass
    • Albertsons Stadium
    • Whitewater Rafting
    • Boise Scavenger Hunt
    • Julia Davis Park

    Top Universities in Boise

    Boise State University: With an acceptance rate of 84%, Boise State University in Idaho is a great place for students to pursue their dreams, achieve success, and enjoy their student life. The high quality of education, modern teaching methods and the right amount of practical exposure is all you need to make your degree worth it and memorable. Thie are plenty of off campus housings are available just near by the university campus. One of the most famous one is Identity Boise.

    University of Idaho Boise: With an acceptance rate of 74%, the University of Idaho is an excellent place for students looking for exposure, knowledge and work opportunities. Out of 439 National Universities, the University of Idaho stands at #185. Talking about tuition fees, the university is comparatively cheaper, thereby making it a perfect choice for international students as well.

    Best areas to live in Boise

    • North End: The historic gem of the city, located in downtown Boise. You can find some of the oldest and most historic houses in this area.
    • Boise Bench: If you are looking for the perfect blend of old school and modern culture, then this place is ideal for you.
    • Northwest Boise: You can easily find tiny and affordable homes around this area of the city.
    • Southeast Boise: Popular for its upscale and attractive surroundings, this place is perfect for anyone looking for serenity.
    • East End: One of the oldest neighborhoods of the city. Idaho Botanical Garden, Warn Springs, Boise Foothills Trails are some of the things that make this area famous.

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    Terms & Conditions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check out these answers to common questions and go to Help Centre for more details.

    Q. How to easily find off campus student housing Boise Idaho?


    Finding off campus student housing in Boise is super easy! Just visit the official website of University Living and search for Boise. Then, click on student housing, and all the amazing properties will display on your screen!  

    Q. Can anyone stay in student apartments in Boise Idaho near Boise State University?


    Only students are allowed to stay in student apartments in Boise, near Boise State University. However, anyone can stay in private apartments near Boise State University.  

    Q. How to get affordable off campus student housing in Boise with ease?


    Finding affordable off campus student housing Boise is simple. Just browse the website and use the price range filter from ‘Low to High’. Your screen will display the most affordable student housing properties in Boise 

    Q. Is Boise a nice place to live?


    Without any doubt, Boise is one of the best places to live in. The community is welcoming, residents are friendly, and the environment is incredible.    

    Q. What type of student housing in Boise is most popular for first-year undergraduate students?


    Most of the first-year undergraduate students in Boise opt for off-campus student housing, in which they can opt for studio rooms, suites, ensuites and student apartments as per their preference.  

    Q. What are the finest places for students to live in Boise, Idaho?


    The best places for students to live in Boise are Boise Heights, North End, Harris Ranch, Southeast Boise, and Highlands.   

    Q. Is there security at off campus accommodation properties in Boise Idaho?


    Yes. Off-campus student accommodations in Boise are safe for students. All student housing accommodations come with utmost safety and security for students including CCTV cameras, locks, and more.  

    Q. Is the Cost of living expensive in Boise Idaho?


    It is important to note that the cost of living majorly depends on the type of lifestyle a student chooses to live in a city. However, on average you expect monthly expenses of $1403 including housing.  

    Q. What percentage of Boise State University students live off campus?


    About 82% of the students at Boise State University live off campus, while the other 18% live on campus provided student accommodation.   

    Q. How to rent a flat in Boise, Idaho for students?


    Renting a flat in Boise is a simple and general process. All you need to do is explore properties on the University Living App or website and choose the flat that you like. Book it and make the payment!  

    Q. How can I make payments for my Boise based private student housing?


    Students can make their student housing payment through debit/credit card or through bank transfer. Please note that you must deposit a fee in advance to make a booking.  

    Q. What happens if I don't like my student accommodation once I've moved in?


    If you don’t like the accommodation that you just moved in, then you can get your room changed through a simple process.