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    935 Red Mile Rd, Lexington, KY 40504, United States
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    Everything about the city of Lexington

    Kentucky houses a city known as Lexington. It is well-known for its thoroughbred racetracks, such as Keeneland, and horse ranches. The International Museum of the Horse, the Hall of Champions, and numerous horse breeds can all be found in the Kentucky Horse Park. Ashland, the estate of statesman Henry Clay in the 1800s, has a formal garden and a mansion. The Lexington Cemetery, which features lakes, an arboretum, and a Romanesque gatehouse, is where Clay is buried. 

    Lexington offers a great range of affordable housing options for students. Each and every student receives the best possible luxury and first-rate facilities. The student apartments also offer a range of services. The amenities provided at the Lexington student apartments provide excellent security. Both inside and outside the premises are secured. This holds true for all residences, regardless of the length of time a student wishes to reside.

    Types of Students Accommodations in Lexington

    Lexington students have a wide range of alternatives available to them. Apartments are the most popular choice for students. Everybody can use all the amenities and services they need here. The various apartment options can accommodate more than two students. Students can now more easily exercise their right to privacy in an environment that promotes social engagement. In addition, student housing in Lexington and the city itself provide the best possible safety, security, and 24-hour maintenance services. 

    Explore Lexington

    Lexington, Kentucky, skillfully blends rustic charm from the South with scenic beauty. Located in the center of the Bluegrass Region, Lexington is home to several breathtaking locations that will awe you. This city offers an interesting tapestry of attractions for both locals and tourists, ranging from expansive horse farms and gorgeous countryside to ancient sites and energetic metropolitan areas. There are plenty of lovely locations to visit, regardless of whether you're a newcomer to the area renting an apartment in Lexington or searching Redfin for nearby homes for sale.

    The Kentucky Horse Park, which is tucked away in the picturesque suburbs of Lexington, is a reminder of the city's long history with horses. This vast park is not just a gathering place for horse lovers but also an incredibly picturesque location. Enjoy the splendor of horses while strolling around the park's scenic meadows, undulating hills, and well-kept paths. Lexington, Kentucky, "truly has it all," says resident Maureen Guarnieri-Yeager of Mo Tyme Photography. This community, which is sometimes described as a "big little town," offers a unique combination of a vibrant nightlife and a strong horse culture. There's nothing quite like taking a picturesque trip in the countryside if you ever feel like slowing down. All four seasons are welcomed in Lexington, which is one of my particular joys.

    Famous Universities in Lexington

    With ten schools and institutions located within 40 miles of Lexington, the Bluegrass region is anchored by the University of Kentucky, the state's most prestigious university. There are four more professional and technical colleges in Lexington. Situated in the heart of the Bluegrass, the University of Kentucky boasts a single campus with an extensive array of services. Our extensive program offering enables us to thrive in interdisciplinary research and promotes collaborative engagement among all colleges, programs, and research projects. We continue to be steadfast in the commitment to Kentucky's goal to educate, innovate, heal, and serve because of the lives the institute touches and instructs. To be true, there are a lot of ways in which the intricate, multifaceted purpose has changed since 1865. 

    Nonetheless, they are steadfast in their commitment to serving the communities on campus and beyond the surrounding area. The goal has expanded and changed. Serving the Commonwealth and the wider globe is still central to the university’s vision. They continue to be the heart and compass of the University of Kentucky.

    Student Life in Lexington

    Nonetheless, the institutions are steadfast in their commitment to serving the communities on campus and beyond the surrounding area. The goal has expanded and changed. Serving their Commonwealth and the wider globe is still central to their vision. They continue to be the heart and compass of the University of Kentucky. And you can keep in shape at one of the two cutting-edge student fitness centers: the Johnson Center or the Alumni Gym, which are both within walking distance of your resident hall and house the newest exercise equipment as well as group fitness programs.

    Both tourists and students are drawn to the neighborhood's major tourist attractions. This city is a great destination for students to hang out with their pals because it has so many restaurants and nightclubs. Certain dining outlets are highly known for their vibrant atmosphere, stylish décor, and extensive menu of local cuisine. Additionally, a variety of international meals and cuisines are offered by a number of different restaurants.

    Cost of Living in Lexington

    Lexington is the biggest and wealthiest town in Kentucky, if not all of West Virginia. On a busy day, Lexington's main street resembles Philadelphia's Market Street. Lexington, Kentucky has a cost of living that is 7% less than the national average and 2% more than the state average.

    With a median home value of $170,800, housing costs in Lexington are 10% less than the national average, which will be much appreciated by anyone looking to purchase a property.

    What makes Lexington unique?

    Lexington is still a major metropolis, the second largest in Kentucky and known as the "Horse Capital of the World." Thousands of people visit Keeneland each year to watch the annual horse races and buy thoroughbreds at the horse sales.

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