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How does this referral program work?

Once you’re logged in, you will see a referral dashboard. You will be provided with a unique link which you can share with your friends, or you can provide us with the contact details of the person you’re referring. Once your friends book the accommodation through us and check-in at the property, you will receive your referral amount.

I have shared my unique link, when will I get the reward?

My friend has booked the accommodation, when will I get the reward?

How can I check which of my friends have signed up/ booked/ checked-in?

How can I check all my referral rewards?

How can I redeem my Amazon voucher?

I can see my referral reward in 'my voucher section' but the button is not working.

My friend has booked the accommodation but he has cancelled it later, will I still get the referral reward?

How long is this referral program valid for?

What is maximum amount I can earn through referral program

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