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Opal Court

0.93 miles
Ensuite  · Studio  · Apartments   
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The Tannery

0.16 miles
Ensuite  · Studio   
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The Grange

0.56 miles
Ensuite  · Other  · Studio   
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Queens Court

0.66 miles
Studio  · Other  · Apartments   
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Filbert Village

0.96 miles
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Other  · Studio  · Ensuite   
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The Nest

0.36 miles
Ensuite  · Studio   
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Edge Apartments

0.57 miles
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The Aspen

0.80 miles
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York House

0.43 miles
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Applegate Place

0.20 miles
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About Leicester

Leicester is one of the most beautiful and serene cities in England. It is a top choice for many students who want to continue their studies there so it is close to London and has little to offer, from a busy lifestyle to the best universities.

Student Accommodation in Leicester

No matter which part of the world you come from, Leicester is a city which is ideal for all students. Whether it’s student accommodation or employment opportunities, Leicester has both in abundance. If you let us help you with your student accommodation needs, then we can help you find the type of comfort, privacy and budget that you are looking for.

UK students feel at home in cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.The most stunning achievement is given by Leicester, a city in the northwest of the United Kingdom.The metropolis served as the heart and soul of the non-European nation for centuries and is considered a favorite place of students.

Whether you are a student at the University of Leicester, De Montfort University, Leicester College, or another institution in the area, we can assist you in finding the ideal student housing.

The number of cheap and affordable entertainment places, such as nightclubs and restaurants are a plus point for students seeking comfort during weekends.

Top Demanded Student Accommodation in Leicester

The accommodations in Leicester aim at providing a home away from home to the students. We offer students the choice to choose their comfort from various stay options, such as student housing, private apartments and Home Stays. Some of the best private student accommodations in Leicester are

1. Newarke Point Leicester

2. Castle Court Leicester

3. Rose House Leicester

4. Oxford House Leicester

5. Liberty Park Leicester

6. The Grange Leicester

7. York House Leicester

8. The Summit Leicester

9. Queens Court Leicester

10. The Glassworks Leicester

Cost of Living in Leicester

The cost of living in Leicester is close to the national average and attracts many students from all over the world. Your weekly shopping bill will likely be approximately £100 to give you some perspective.

Student-Friendly Neighborhoods: Leicester is home to many chic, trendy neighborhoods near its many university campuses, including Newarke Street, Oxford Street, Stoneygate, Evington, Clarendon Park, Oadby, and Leicester City Centre. There are several luxurious and reasonably priced student residences in Leicester located in these areas.

Student Rentals: We understand the needs of students. To make them reasonable and practical, we provide student apartments in Leicester for low rents and through special offers.

To get a clearer understanding of the budget you should keep in mind, read the approximate cost of living in Leicester below

1. Rent of student accommodation - £350 - £1,000/ month

2. Cost of Food: £120 - £160 / month

3. Cost of Gas and Electricity Bills: £50 - £70/ month

4. Cost of Internet and Mobile Phone Bills: £80 - £120/ month

5. Cost of Laundry: £20 - £40 / month

9. Cost of Travel (Buses, Trams, Trains): £40 - £60 / month

Student Life in Leicester

Leicester's vibrant cafes culture, diverse dining options, and dynamic nightlife, which includes everything from international theater to comedy, ensure that student living there is never boring. to live music. From your student rooms in Leicester, you can easily travel around the city as public transportation options are easily accessible from there. One thing is for sure, you will never get bored in this city, because of the numerous festivals and events that take place throughout the year.

Transport Options in Leicester

If you have recently moved to Leicester, especially if you are an international student, then it may get a little difficult to understand how to commute. Of course, if your accommodation is near to the University you’re studying at, then you can simply walk while enjoying the nature and city views. Additionally,

Bus: Traveling by bus is a very common and easy mode of transportation in Leicester. Most students prefer taking the bus to/from their universities, as the frequency and key connections of the bus service in Leicester is incredible. Moreover, the bus tickets are cheap, therefore making student travel efficient.

Park and Ride: If you love driving, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on transportation, then this is for you. With three different locations in the city, the students can park their cars/bikes for free, and then take the bus to their desired destination.

City Tourist Attractions

There is no doubt that Leicester is a beautiful city and definitely worth exploring. However, it may not be possible to explore the entire city in a few days. So, if you are wondering what things you should not miss when in Leicester, then you will find them below.

1. The Guildhall Museum

2. New Walk Museum and Art

3. National Space Centre

4. Twinlakes Family Theme Parks

5. Belvoir Brewery

6. The Cookie and the Attic

7. Curve Theatre

Top Universities in Leicester (ADD HYPERLINKS)

1. De Montfort University

Located in the city center of Leicester, DMU offers students with one of the best courses. The best part about studying at DMU is its location, as students can easily walk to the university since it's in the city center.

2. University of Leicester

Famous for developing the concept of DNA Fingerprinting, the university offers various professional courses that are renowned all over the world. The university is also famous for Physics, Astronomy and History.

3. University of Leicester Medical School

If you have always dreamt of studying medicine, then come to Leicester. The university is ranked 2nd for clinical medicine in the United Kingdom. Also, it comes in the top 125 in the world for clinical and health sciences.

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Terms & Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these answers to common questions and go to Help Centre for more details.

Q. When should I start looking for student accommodation in Leicester?

A.You can contact us at University Living 4-6 months before you start your application process. We will assist you throughout the process of meeting all your requirements. Then, you schedule to view the properties and book your accommodation in 2-3 months before you start your study journey.

Q. What are the factors to consider when choosing student accommodation in Leicester?

A.Before choosing any accommodation, it's important to consider location, price, amenities, safety, room and accommodation, type and the lease.

Q. How to get furnished student apartments in Leicester?

A.University Living is the leading student housing platform where you can browse many accommodation options with detailed descriptions of the properties and photos.

Q. How can a student rent student apartments in Leicester?

A.You can start by researching, then set a budget for accommodation renting. Contact our experts at University Living to guide and assist you on how to rent student accommodation at an affordable and good deal!

Q. What is the lowest rent in Leicester for student rooms?

A.The lowest student room rent in Leicester ranges between £85/week to £ 200 /week. These prices will vary and change over time depending upon the location, accommodation types and facilities the property provides.

Q. Where do most students live in Leicester?

A.Some of the most popular student areas in Leicester are West End, City Centre, Clarendon Park, Stoneygate and Highfields.

Q. What is the cost of living in Leicester for students?

A. The cost of living in Leicester is £1055 to £1400 per month, including rent, food, transportation and other expenses. It will not include your tuition fees, which you will have to pay separately. The cost of housing in Leceister will be £85 to £200 per week the cost of food(groceries) will be around per £300 to £400 per month while transportation will cost £75 to £100about per month.

Q. How much money will you spend on utility bills?

A.The student housing in Leicester offers an inclusive bill of Water, Electricity, Wi-Fi, Gas, Heating, CCTV, Secure door entry, etc. For your information, the cost of utility bills in Leicester is £100 to £200 /month.

Q. How to get discounts for student accommodation in Leicester?

A.University Living offers many types of discounts for early bookings. If you book your accommodation before most students, you will get good deals on the price. And, if you are lucky, there might be promotional discounts too. It depends on the season and the time.

Q. How do you pay for your student rooms in Leicester?

A.The rent may be paid via debit/credit cards or bank transfer every week. You can pay in full, or if you have a guarantor, you can pay in instalments. You must pay an advance rent payment of £350 to book a room.

Q. Can you view your student flat in Leicester before booking?

A.Yes, you can view your student flat before booking it. You can request our property experts for the same, and they arrange it according to your date and timing. Before you go for a house viewing, create a checklist of the requirements you are looking for in the property.

Q. Can I pay my Leicester student accommodation rent in instalments?

A.Yes, you can pay in instalments for student rent in Leicester. But it would help if you had a guarantor, and if you don't! We're here to help as we've partnered with verified guarantor providers so you can confidently book our service.

Q. What are the main types of student accommodation in Leicester?

A.The main types of student accommodation are student housing, which includes studios, suites and en suite, while student apartments include a wide range of one-bedroom apartments and many others.

Q. Can you live with your friend in student accommodation in Leicester?

A.Yes, student accommodation offers the option of shared rooms and apartments, which is a common choice among many students. While applying and booking accommodation, mention the same to our agents at University Living, who will help you find a shared and best living accommodation.

Q. Can guests stay in student accommodation in Leicester?

A.Some student accommodation allows guests to stay in, and some may not have such policies. Before you book accommodation, make sure you ask us about this policy. We will provide you with the right information needed on the same.

Q. What are the transportation options available in Leicester?

A.Bus and train services are operated in Leceister by many companies. The buses connect to many neighbourhoods and main destinations throughout the city. Conversely, the trains are suitable for travelling to major cities like Nottingham, London, Sheffield and Birmingham.

Q. Is Leicester a good place to live for students?

A.Leicester is an ideal student study destination for international students as it offers an affordable cost of living. Also, it has excellent institutions, good bars, restaurants and lively entertainment to give students a social life and experience while staying in the city.

Q. How to find student housing in Leicester?

A.You can find and book student housing with University Living- the best and most secure student accommodation booking platform. We have a 24/7 assistant who will help you and guide you through the process. You can search by location, price, amenities and other personal preferences of your choice and needs.