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Athens, United States

3+ Stays · Ensuite | Studio

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All distances from city center Athens

Everything about Student Accommodation Athens

Located in northeast Georgia, Athens is a city in the US, known for its stunning antebellum architecture. It is also known as the Classic City and is a student’s favourite study abroad destination. The city is home to the prestigious University of Georgia whose football team won the National Championship in 2021.

University Living provides off campus accommodation to students pursuing higher studies. Such accommodations are conveniently located close to the campus to make travelling easier. They come with a range of different kinds of rooms, from private studios to shared apartments with excellent amenities.

Explore Athens

Athens gives out an eclectic Southern vibe with its heritage landmarks and arts scene. It is an art lover’s paradise with multiple galleries Downtown displaying local artists. The Georgia Museum of Arts is a must visit for aspir ing artists. Watch sunsets from the Sandy Creek park beside Lake Chapman or walk through the nature trails of the State Botanical Garden of Georgia.

Universities in Athens

Athens is home to the prestigious University of Georgia. It is a public research institute founded in 1785. It is best known for its programs in education, law, agriculture and sea based courses. It is ranked number 15 in the whole of the USA by the US News and World Reports 2021. It has also made a name for itself as a Public Ivy School.

Student life in Athens

Overall Athens is a safe city with excellent public transportation. The city is home to hundreds of young professionals. The local community is friendly and liberal and welcomes international students. Most students prefer to live in off campus accommodations so that they can save time and money on utilities and daily commute. Athens is neither too cheap nor too expensive. However, it is better to keep a check on your weekly budget.

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Terms & Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. If I don't acquire a visa, what happens to my deposit money?

A. The majority of properties will return your deposit if you can provide pertinent proof that your visa application was rejected.

Q. What is covered by the rent? Is making the deposit required?

A. As long as you are paying the rent, you are allowed to live there. For reservations to be held, students must pay a deposit. This charge is either subtracted from the rent or reimbursed at the conclusion of the lease if your place of residence is not damaged when you leave.

Q. Is it possible to see the property before booking it? What if I can't visit the property?

A. Yes, of course! If you or your friends/family are in the area, we can arrange a viewing of the property. Some properties offer Skype viewings if you're not able to attend in person.

Q. What is the process for booking my accommodation?

A. Please send an inquiry to our support team after shortlisting your favorite properties from the listing page. To guide you through the whole booking process, one of our student housing experts will get in touch with you right away.

Q. What are referral programs and how do they work?

A. You will see your referral dashboard when you log in. If you'd like to refer someone, please send us their contact information, or we'll send you a shareable link. Once your friends check in at the property, you will receive your referral payment.

Q. When booking an airport pickup with University Living, what information should I provide?

A. You will need to provide your travel details, such as pick-up date, time, location, and type of ride, to book your airport pickup.

Q. What can I do if there is a problem once I arrive at the accommodation?

A. If you encounter any problems after arriving at the accommodations, you can contact the maintenance office or reception. If you have any questions, our student accommodation experts can assist you.

Q. What are the bills that are included in my rent?

A. All the major bills of electricity, water, sewer, gas and more are included in the rent. You can also enjoy on-site amenities provided by your accommodation provider for absolutely free. Take time out from studying to enjoy a peaceful evening in the communal spaces.