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Paris Gentilly Paris
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Paris Gentilly

2.83 miles
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Villejuif Paris
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3.89 miles
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Noisy Le Grand Paris
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Noisy Le Grand

8.92 miles
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Massy Palaiseau Paris
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Massy Palaiseau

10.34 miles
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Poissy Paris
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14.81 miles
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Achères 1 Paris
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Achères 1

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Achères 2 Paris
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Achères 2

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Everything about Student Accommodation Paris

Best Paris Accommodation For Students

Paris is ranked as the #1 student city by QS Best Student Cities (2014), which means it meets all the factors that make it an attractive city to study. Every year, the universities of Paris welcome over 400,000 students to come and pursue their higher studies. If you are planning to study in Paris, you've come to the right place to find and book student accommodation in Paris. At University Living, you will find the best and cheapest student accommodation in Paris.

Our team of experts will provide you with all the assistance you need anytime and any related services from us. If you want to book accommodation at an early date or even at the last minute, we will get it sorted for you!

Paris is expensive, and finding accommodation can be challenging. But with the option of student housing in Paris, you will find budget-friendly places to stay. These accommodations are explicitly designed for the needs of the students. They are modern yet homely, safe and equipped with the top amenities for your comfortable stay. The student housing comes in various types, ranging from studio rooms and en-suites to apartments.

These are only a few listed amenities you can find in student rooms in Paris, like a bedroom, study room, hang-out room, laundry, gym room, swimming pool, pet-friendly, full-fitted kitchen and many others. You can find a list of all the amenities available for student accommodation on our website for every type of housing.

When you look for accommodation, remember to consider a few factors such as safety, location and amenities. These are the most essential points to remember before making an informed decision.

Top Demanded Student Accommodation in Paris

Three types of student accommodation are available in Paris, located close to the universities. We have briefly described these accommodations, but you can look for more detailed information on our website and find them per your needs.

1. Student Housing - An off-campus accommodation owned and managed by a team of housing professionals. These accommodations are safe, secure, and close to the universities and other social amenities. Each type of housing is furnished with a bedroom, private or shared bathroom, shared kitchen and other spaces.

2. Private Apartments - Paris Student apartments are also another off-campus accommodation type. The apartments offer students private and independent living. There are a wide range of private apartments for students available in Paris. You can choose a single occupancy, share a room with friends, and save on rent.

3. University Halls - It is an on-campus accommodation provided by the university. The buildings can be located within or near the campus buildings. Most of them come with basic facilities and services.

About Paris

Paris is the capital and most populous city of France. It ranks as the 39th best city to live in the world. As mentioned above, Paris also has gained its name as a student city, which makes it an all-in-one package destination for students to live and study.

Paris is a cosmopolitan and multicultural city and a land of opportunities in research and development. It offers rich cultural experiences and welcomes all cultures of the world.

The city is all-inclusive in culture, making it easy for international students to blend in and transition quickly. This, coupled with quality education, livability, entertainment, accessibility, and natural and historical attractions, makes it an attractive city for international students.

According to QS World University Rankings, 2021, these are the top three rankings in France, 100 on global order: Université PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres), Ecole Polytechnique and Sorbonne University.

Paris offers a blend of summer and winter fun! On sunny days, Parisians love to bathe in the sun and take advantage of outdoor activities such as fitness, parks, water sports, etc. By winter, there are other fun things Paris offers to indulge in! So one can never get bored staying in the "City of Lights".

Paris is an educational hub for being a culturally diverse city. But that's not it! It is a city of luxury, cultural richness and innovation. The cutting-edge programs offered by the universities prepare students to meet industry standards for better career opportunities.

Paris is a safe city if you plan to come and study. The city is easy to navigate by foot, walking, cycling or taking the metro. The Paris metro is one of the cheapest, most reliable and accessible public transportation to get around the city.

History of Paris City

Paris holds a history of 2000 years, with the first settlements in the Gaullic town of Lutetia in the 3rd B.C. The Romans later captured it, becoming the Roman province Gallia Lugdunensis. Then came the German tribe Franks, and even the Vikings tried to get their hands on Paris. It was under Louis XV, and after that, under the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte, Paris thrived! Today, it is one of the most visited cities in the world and home to great works of art.

Facts of Paris City

Paris is home to 5 Statues of Liberty

Monalisa by, Leonardo Da Vinci's painting, is in Paris

There's an underground city in Paris

There are no "Stop" signs in Paris

Paris is not the original name of the city

Finest 5 Areas For Students to Live in Paris

Paris Gentilly

Gentilly is a safe and friendly suburb, the closest commune to Paris. It is only 4. km away from the city centre. The American University of Paris and Cite Internationale Universitaire de Paris are in and around the area. You can travel around easily by bus and metro if you plan to stay in Paris Gentilly.


This is a beautiful area offering affordable housing for students. It is about 7 km from the city center and home to EFREI, École Pour l'Informatique et les Techniques Avancées and Institut Sup'Biotech de Paris. You will have many student accommodations in the area, like Villejuif Paris.

Noisy Le Grand Paris

It is a heavily populated commune in the suburb of northern France, perfect for students to reside, making it safe and friendly. It is only 15 km from the city center and can be accessed through public transportation. The best student accommodation in this area is Noisy Le Grand Paris.


It is a commune in the southern suburb of France, only 16 km away from Paris. If you study at Paris-Saclay University, consider looking into Massy Palaiseau Paris.

Ideal cost of living in Paris

The cost of living in Paris will come around €1,150 – €1,720 / Month excluding tuition fees. The price will vary depending on your lifestyle. If you choose to stay in a student housing, it will range between €100 - €300 /week, while stay in private rooms will cost you €200 - €1,500 / week. Paris is a bit expensive, but with so many student housing options, it saves much of the rent. You can find a wide range of student accommodation in Paris on our website. You can search, compare and book with us!

The cost of food in Paris will again depend upon your lifestyle. It is determined by your spending and eating habits; if you eat a meal at a mid-range restaurant, it will cost €35 /person. If you like to drink beer, it will cost around €7 and coffee at €4 /person. To save money and live on a budget, cooking meals at home is advisable as monthly groceries will cost you €375 /month.

Best travel transportation service in Paris

Paris has an extensive and cost-efficient mode of public transport system. However, the city looks more beautiful on foot for walking along the city and exploring sites. If you need to use public transportation, there are many means of public transportation, which are listed below:

Paris Metro: This is one of the most popular and cheapest modes of transportation in Paris. It is also the fastest way around the city, with 16 interconnected lines.

Paris Regional RER: It is a subway cum train that connects the city centre to many airports and Disneyland.

Paris buses: Buses are a common way of travelling in the city and surrounding areas.

Paris Discount Cards For Students: The best Travel Card is Navigo Pass

Navigo Pass is a travel smart card available for anyone living in Paris. You can use the card on all modes of transportation. The weekly cost is €30, monthly fee is €84.10 and the annual cost is €949.20.

Paris Tourist Attractions

The Eiffel Tower

This is one of the most iconic attractions in Paris and a symbol of the country. It is 4 km away from the city centre, attracting many visitors from all over the world for its architecture and beauty.

The Louvre

This is one of the world's largest museums, hosting many artworks, including the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is only 1 km from the city centre and a popular tourist attraction in Paris.

Notre Dame

It represents classic Gothic architecture and is one of the most famous cathedrals in the world. It is located in the city and has attracted historical bluffs and all types of visitors worldwide.

Parc des Buttes- Chaaumonth

It is the most magical place in Paris if you want to feel the theme of 19th-century Paris. The park has a waterfall, walkway, temples, cliffs and a big green relaxing space.

The Arc de Triomphe

It is a true representation of neo-classical style and architecture, making it the most triumphal arch in the country. The place comes to life in the evening, offering the best view. It is only 5 km from the city.

Top universities in Paris

Université PSL

According to QS World University Rankings, Université PSL ranks #24 and #1 in Paris. There are 4211 international students who come to study from all over the world. The university offers 10 UG and 53 PG programs.

Ecole Polytechnique

Ecole Polytechnique is a leading French institute ranking #61 in QS World University Rankings and # 2 in Paris. There are many international students who come to study from all over the world. The university offers 1 UG and 12 PG programs.

Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University is a new university ranking #59 in QS World University Rankings and #3 in Paris. There are 53,400 students including international students who come to study from all over the world. The university offers monodisciplinary, bi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs.


CentraleSupélec is a French institute offering higher education in science and engineering. The university ranks # 138 in QS World Ranking and #4 in Paris.

École Normale Supérieure de Lyon

École Normale Supérieure de Lyon is one of the four prestigious universities in France. The university ranks # =184 in the QS World Rankings and 5th in Paris.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these answers to common questions and go to Help Centre for more details.

Q. How to get student accommodation in Paris?


You can easily find and book student accommodation on University Living. We are one of the leading global student housing booking platforms, including Paris. Our team of experts are always ready to lend a helping hand at any time, as we are available round the clock for all your services.

Q. How to find a student accommodation in Paris without a guarantor?


We at University Living can help you find a guarantor. Just get in touch with our agents, and they will guide you through the process and let you know how to find a guarantor.

Q. How to book an accommodation in student accommodation in Paris?


Visit University Living, then you can sign up, log in and then start your search as per your university or city. Then, you can filter your search by location, price, occupancy type and others. Our team's always here to guide and assist you throughout the way for booking accommodation in Paris.

Q. What is the average cost for student accommodation in Paris?


The student accommodation in Paris consists of student housing (studio €196/per week, suites €205/per week, en-suites €225/per week). Then, there are private apartments where you can choose a private student apartment (€262/per week) or shared student apartment (€168/per week).

Q. Is it hard to find accommodation in Paris?


No, it's a straightforward process to find accommodation with our services. At University Living, we make booking a hassle-free and convenient process where you can search and compare based on your desired location, price, amenities and other personal preferences. If you need us, we are always available round the clock to help you book that student home in Paris.

Q. How much money does a student need in Paris?


On average, the cost of living in Paris is €248 excluding your tuition fees. The rent, food, travel and other expenses will be part of your monthly expenses.

Q. How much bank balance is required for a Paris student visa?


While applying for a student visa, you must provide funds for your living costs in Paris. The minimum funds of 615 EUR are required to show financial proof and along with your tuition fees for the semester.

Q. Where do most students stay in Paris?


Some of the best places to live for students in Paris are Villejuif Paris, Noisy Le Grand Paris, Massy Palaiseau Paris, Paris Gentilly Paris, Poissy Paris, Achères 1 Paris, Achères 2 Paris, etc.

Q. Is Paris a good place for international students?


Paris remains in the top 10 in QS Best Student Cities (2023), attracting over 127,476 students from all over the world. The city has some prestigious universities featured in QS World University Rankings. Apart from the universities, the city offers culture, history, art, crazy nightlife and the best food scene.

Q. Who are the guarantors of students in Paris?


Some places require a guarantor, while others do not require one. And, yes, the guarantor doesn't need to be of French nationality; they can be international citizens too.

Q. Where do those searching for student accommodation in Paris come from?


According to Eurudera, these are the countries of international students: Morocco (46,371 students), Algeria (31,032), China (27,479), Italy (19,185), Senegal (15,264), Tunisia (13,661), Spain (11,256), Côte d’Ivoire (10,725), Lebanon (10,469) and Cameroun (9,037).

Q. How to get my housing subsidies for student accommodation in Paris?


You can get an amount of housing subsidy which ranges between €720 to €1105 per month. The subsidy is available for all nationalities, but it depends on certain criteria like nationality, rent, scholarships, etc.

Q. What types of student housing do you offer?


The student housing offered by University Living comprises studio student rooms, suite student rooms and en-suite student rooms. These student rooms in Paris are fully furnished with amenities and inclusive of utility bills.

Q. Is it safe to rent private student apartments in Paris?


Yes, private apartments are the safest, secure and best place to live in Paris. They take security measures and equip the places with safety equipment like 24/CCTV cameras, door card access security, patrols, emergency help, etc.

Q. Can I see the residence before I move in?


Yes, you can view the house even before booking or paying. All you have to do is request with one of the agents for house viewing; they will take up the request and arrange it as per your convenient date and time.