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Everything about Student Accommodation Perth

Being the capital city of Western Australia, Perth is a small beautiful city. Perth is located at the mouth of the Swan River, 12 miles (19 km) above the mouth of the river that forms the inner harbour of neighbouring Fremantle. The city, Australia's fourth largest, is the centre of a metropolitan region that is home to about three-quarters of the state's population. Perth is a beautiful small city whose vibrant centre of restaurants, bars, stores and cafes blends seamlessly with its ancient roots and historic past. It's a city that has both a rich cultural centre and a vibrant river and park scene to offer, making it perfect for a day trip.

Once a small, remote town, the mining boom in Western Australia after the end of World War II led to a high rate of in-migration to Perth, causing the city to overtake Adelaide in population by the 1980s. Perth is the fastest growing city in Australia and has transformed into a vibrant and happening cities attracting many students around Australia and other parts of the world as well.

Owing to the growing student population, several property providers have come up with numerous options for Student Accommodation Perth for students to choose from.

Student Life in Perth

Perth is one of the most livable cities in the world, and it's easy to see why! It has a world-class school system, a warm, sunny environment, a relaxed culture and a thriving economy. Western Australia's education system is often considered one of the best in the world. Many international students choose Perth as a place to study because the educational institutions in Perth guarantee a rewarding and successful career. If you are looking for a place to live in Perth then you can opt for Student apartments Perth provided by the leading property agents.

When it comes to living in Perth, you can expect highest standards of living that too without spending a lot of money as compared to many other study destinations. Thanks to the long sunny days, flawless blue skies, and brilliant white beaches, living in Perth offers students an authentic Australian experience.

Cost of Student Living in Perth

Although the cost of living in Perth is lower compared to other Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, you should arrange your finances to make the most of your time as a student in Perth. Perth is one of the most affordable cities in Australia when it comes to the cost of living. Compared to other major cities in the country, international students in Perth can experience a cosmopolitan lifestyle at a lower cost. However, as with any major Australian city, the cost of living in the city centre is much higher than in the outskirts of the city. For this reason, off-campus accommodation is much cheaper than on-campus accommodation at a university.

There are several leading student accommodation providers in Perth that offer students fully furnished accommodation at unbeatable prices. Costs vary depending on location and room type, but the average weekly cost of living for students in Perth ranges from $195 to $500. Students can find several low-cost lodging, food, and public transportation options.

What makes Perth Unique?

From sparkling beaches to fascinating wildlife, Perth has a lot to offer. When you see the artwork, you will understand how it reflects thousands of years of culture, big-city social and entertainment, global business locations and rewarding living. There is no doubt that Perth is one of the most impeccable international study destinations.

1. Best Locations in Perth for Students


Topping this list is Northbridge. In this vibrant suburb, there's something to do at any time of day. Here you'll find countless bars, stores, cafes, restaurants and gyms - everything you need as a student. Its central location to Perth train station makes it especially convenient, especially if you love the commuter life.

West Perth

West Perth offers a diverse range of aesthetically pleasing properties, from old-style cottages to modern, simple apartments and townhouses, which are becoming increasingly popular with students and young professionals. West Perth is most popular for its convenient location near the freeway and excellent public transportation.


The next place on the list is Leederville. The urban lifestyle and culture of Leederville attracts people from all over Perth, making it a big hit with students and young adults. Leederville is known for its wide range of fashion stores with brands ranging from classic chic to casual hipster. Its vibrant Oxford Street has some of the best cafes, bars and restaurants in Perth.


For all surf lovers, Scarborough has it all: gorgeous white sand beaches, rooftop and coastal bars, and countless attractions. Scarborough's recent growth and development has seen the suburb expand and become increasingly popular with those seeking the ultimate beach lifestyle.

Mount Lawley

This neighbourhood is a bustling and very hip suburb. This trendy, urban suburb meets all lifestyle, cultural and accessibility needs and is one of the larger suburbs. Those looking for a home with character will find it in the leafy streets of Mount Lawley and there is also a good collection of modern townhouses.

The mentioned neighbourhoods are student friendly and has many options for student housing to choose from. You will find apartments, shared rooms, private accommodation, studio apartment etc. You can choose Student rooms in Perth according to your budget and in the neighbourhood that is in close proximity to your university.

2. Attractions of Perth

Kings Park and Botanical Gardens: It is one of the largest inner-city parks in the world. Overlooking the Swan River and the Darling Range, Kings Park is an oasis near the city centre. Here you can admire unique species of plants and birds. The highlight of this garden is the Acacia Garden, which features a small water garden that reflects the Darling Range Creek

Swan River: The Swan River is a great place to spend time for both locals and travellers. There are many things students can do along this river. These include picnics in the parks, biking, hiking, kayaking, sailing, swimming and fishing.

Perth Mint: Get a glimpse of the great history of gold in Western Australia. It exhibits the largest coin in the world, which weighs around 1 tonne. This is one thing that attracts many tourists to the Perth Mint. The exhibition also features gold nuggets and gold bars. In the Mint's gift shop, you can buy some of the most unusual souvenirs or rest in the café and enjoy the taste of coffee.

Perth Zoo: It is located just a few kilometres from the city centre. Tourists come here to enjoy the unique wildlife exhibits, Australian bushwalk and wetlands. This zoo immerses you in the ecosystem and offers you one of the best experiences.

Art Gallery of Western Australia: The Art Gallery of Western Australia has collections of both international and Australian art from 1829 to present. This art gallery exhibits an expensive collection of artworks that includes both contemporary and indigenous artworks.

Famous Universities

Home to several renowned universities, Perth is regarded as Australia’s education city. Students studying in any of the universities in Perth can be assure of receiving a quality education, as well as excellent student support services. The prestigious universities in Perth are:

Students may find it difficult to choose any particular institute in Perth for their studies. However, every university in the city offers its own unique set of perks. You can find various on-campus and off-campus Student housing in Perth that fits your needs the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How can I rent student accommodation in Perth?

A. Renting your student accommodation is very simple with University Living is very easy. It can be done in three steps. First, you finalize your accommodation according to your needs and wants. After that pay the security deposit if needed. And finally, confirm your booking after which we will give you your free guidance from our team.

Q. What are the different types of student accommodation in Perth?

A. Students have the option to choose from a variety of purpose built student accommodations. We have a number of options such as private rooms, apartments, and studios. We have options for short-term stays for students who are looking for accommodations while going to summer schools or exchange programs. Students who are coming for short-term summer programs or exchange programs can also contact us for short-term accommodations.

Q. When should I book my student home for the February intake?

A. It is best to book your student accommodation as soon as possible. An ideal time is 6 months before to book your accommodation as you will have more options to choose from.

Q. Does my accommodation offer parking facilities?

A. Most of the student accommodations have the provision of free bike parking. If you want your personalized parking space you need to contact the service manager at the accommodation.

Q. What items should I bring while moving in?

A. Students should bring their own bedding kitchen material, utensils, and their bathroom kit. However, if students if you forget to carry it University Living provides you with a room essential kit so that you don’t have to go shopping at the last minute. We will deliver it to your accommodation in Perth.

Q. What are some of the places that students like to live in Perth?

A. Students always look for a balanced lifestyle while they stay in any city. Perth is a perfect place for them as it provides all the things that students might need. Some of the best places in Perth for students are Churchlands, Dalkeith, Salter Point, and Rossmoyne.

Q. How much do students spend in a month in Perth?

A. Anything between 800-1000 dollars will be sufficient for any student studying in Perth. This will be sufficient to sustain the city for any student.

Q. How do I know that the accommodation I am choosing is safe?

A. University Living takes care of the safety of the students. Our on-ground experts make sure that the students get a safe environment. The properties have secured door entries and restricted access which make the property safe.