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Iglu Chatswood

4.86 miles
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RMC Sydney

7.56 miles
Other  · Ensuite  · Studio   
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30 Kerr Parade

9.00 miles
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Falcon Lodge

3.03 miles
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5 Kirk Street

0.83 miles
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1 Derwent Ln

1.12 miles
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745 Darling St

1.14 miles
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About Sydney

Sydney is ranked as #8 in the QS Best Cities 2022. It is a multicultural city with many international students seeking higher studies. It is home to some of the best universities in the world. Being a student city, it is a hub of international students from all over the world. The University of Sydney alone has 12,278 students coming from abroad. Sydney is a fun, vibrant, and enjoyable place for students to live, study, thrive, and get the best student life experience. Whether it's the climate, attractions, beaches, nightlife, food, or festivals, you will always have things to do and explore in Sydney.

Sydney is one of the most linguistically and culturally diversified cities in Australia. It holds a long cultural heritage and is open to inclusiveness of other cultures from around the globe. As a student, you will feel the welcoming and hospitable nature of the city and never feel homesick. The city has a well-connected transportation system that's efficient, convenient, and cheap to get around at ease. The train in Sydney connects the rail links to Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and a few others.

History of Sydney

Sydney is Australia's largest city and is considered an important port in the South Pacific. The early settlements were seen in the early nineteenth century with about 850 convicts settled and already established trade with China, India, the Pacific Island, SA, and America.

Facts of Sydney City

  1. Sydney has more than 100 beaches
  2. The University of Sydney is the oldest in Australia
  3. Australian Museum- located in Sydney, is Australia's oldest natural Museum
  4. Sydney Opera House is one of the world's iconic buildings
  5. There are 250 languages spoken in Sydney with one-third of the English

Finding student accommodation in Sydney is easy with University Living. With a 24/7 supporting team, we can assist you in finding and booking value-for-money accommodation as per your needs and requirements. The purpose of student accommodation is to enhance the student life experience. The student accommodation in Sydney is designed keeping student's preferences in mind. They provide affordable, fully furnished homes with a priority on security and safety.

The accommodation provides high-quality living spaces with a modern touch but a homely and comfortable space. They all come with modern amenities to enhance your stay. With the amenities provided, you can focus on your studies. You get amenities like laundry, study room, gym, game rooms, maintenance, etc. If you are ever bored, you have all these social spaces to mingle with other students, play games, or chill.

The student housing in Sydney also provides inclusive utility bills, which means there's no extra cost than rent. The accommodation offers many rooms, like studios, en-suites, and shared student apartments in Sydney. The Sydney student accommodation is close to some of the best universities in the Australia, like the University of Technology Sydney, UNSW Sydney, University of Sydney, and others. If you want to find the best, affordable, safe, and secure home, consider looking at the list of properties on our website.

Before choosing any accommodation, it is essential to consider a few factors like location, price, safety, and amenities. These factors can have an impact on your academic and personal life. Your accommodation location should be close to your university. It should be a safe, student-friendly area. The budget is an essential factor, too. The amenities provided in the accommodation will enhance your living experience.

Top Demanded Student Accommodation in Sydney

There are three types of student accommodation available in Sydney. Check them out below in brief detail:

1. Student Housing - Student housing is an ideal off-campus accommodation offering comfortable, safe, secure living. They are in the city's prime area and easily accessible to campus and social amenities. Each type of housing is fully furnished with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and modern amenities for easy stay.

2. Private Apartments - Sydney has a wide range of student apartments, from one-bedroom to two-bedroom apartments and so on. You can select from these choices as a single or double occupancy per your budget.

3. University Halls - It is an on-campus accommodation within campus or close to campus buildings. The halls provide basic rooms with shared common spaces and limited privacy.

Finest 5 Areas For Students to Live in Sydney


Marsfield is a student-friendly suburb in North Sydney in NWS that's quiet, natural, and leafy. As a student, you can enjoy living in this area as it is ideal for studying. It is close to the University of Sydney, the University of NSW, Macquarie University and others. The accommodation in Sydney for international students is Student Village North Ryde.

Macquarie Park

Macquarie Park is close to the city center and one of the best areas to find student accommodation in Sydney for international students. If you study at UTS, University of Sydney, or Western Sydney University, consider this area and RMC Sydney housing.

North Sydney

North Sydney is a business center close to the CBD, making it a vibrant, busy, and enjoyable place to live. It is one of the safest student areas to live in Sydney. It is close to many universities, which can be accessible by walk or bike. The best student room Sydney in this area is Falcon Lodge Sydney.

Sydney NSW

This is the city's center, providing students accessibility to the universities, shops, markets, restaurants, etc. The universities of Sydney are located around this area with affordable Sydney accommodation for international students like the Scape Darling House Sydney and Scape Cleveland.


Redfern is a young and vibrant suburban area with a population of working professionals and students. Students can easily access markets, restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, etc.. Most of the universities of Sydney are around this area with international student accommodation Sydney, like Scape Redfern Sydney.

Cost of Living in Sydney

The cost of living in Sydney is A$2,200 - A$4,200 /month. This cost will vary depending on your lifestyle. The average cost of student housing in Sydney will range between A$350 - A$800 /week. Luckily, there are affordable student accommodations available in Sydney. Student housing is one of the most affordable types of off-campus accommodation. You can find a variety of rooms listed on our website. Most of the accommodations are built close to the universities.

Regarding the cost of food in Sydney, on average, it will cost you A$800 /month, including eating out and groceries. Eating food in a mid-range restaurant will cost A$70 /meal, a pint of beer will be A$10. If you cook meals at home, it will cost around A$500 /month. The tuition fee will depend upon the course, country of residence and university you choose to study. Setting aside a budget for your tuition fees is essential as it will be included in your cost of living in Sydney.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Sydney

A city with a high living index offers only the best and unmatched lifestyle for students. You can immerse in the life and culture of the Aussies by exploring the cultural places. And if you want that time out and spend more time outside, you can enjoy the green space of the city. Then, for a fun time, you can explore the entertainment venues.

For delightful food and drinks, you can try Ploo’s Restaurant, Espresso Cafe, Cairo Takeaway, Chinese Noodle Restaurant, Emma's Snack Bar, etc. For street food lovers, you can try some scrumptious food at Medan Ciak, Sud, Vandal, Burwood Chinatown, Love Crepe, etc.

What’s fun without entertainment and nightlife for students? When the sun sets, check these party clubs that come alive such as The Abercrombie, Oxford Art Factory, Goros, Home, etc.

If you are in the mood for just a walk by the mall or do some shopping, you can head to Melbourne such as the Queen Victoria Building (QVB), Westfield Sydney, Pitt Street Mall, Tramsheds, etc.

Best travel transportation service in Sydney

Sydney is well connected by a sound transportation system like buses, rail, light rail, and ferries. Sydney is a bike and pedestrian-friendly city that can be navigated easily. This mode of public transportation covers the area within the city and its neighborhoods and cities. Public transportation is cost-effective, efficient, and reliable for travel in the city and other places.

Sydney Buses: The buses of Sydney operate all day and night to ease the life of residents in the city. If you need to travel, consider using the bus as it connects all city areas.

Sydney Trains: The main train station is Central Station Railway Square, where trains operate North to the CBD, traveling east to Bondi Junction and the airport.

Sydney Discount Cards For Students: The best Travel Card is Opal Card. Opal cards are cheap and give you discounts on total fare. Anyone can purchase this card at the station or retailers. The travel card can be used for buses, light rails, trains, and ferries except for airport access.

Sydney Tourist Attractions

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is a world-class opera house that hosts over 1,600 performances yearly. It is not just an exquisite architectural building but is named as a UNESCO World Heritage-listed building.

Harbour Bridge Sydney

It is one of the world's famous landmarks for having the largest arch steel bridge. You can walk, cycle along the bridge, and enjoy the view of the city.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is one of Australia's best beaches, with many backpackers hanging about the casual pubs. The sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and eateries sum up the beauty of this beach.

Royal Botanical Garden

The Royal Botanical Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Australia. If you love plants, science, nature, and meeting people, this is the perfect place to visit.

Museum of Contemporary Art

If you are a history buff and love art galleries, visit MCA-one of Australia's leading museums. Entry is free.

Top Universities in Sydney

The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is a public university, ranking =19 globally by QS World University Rankings 2024. It is a prestigious university and one of the top universities in the country and is highly recognized worldwide.

The University of Technology Sydney

UTS is a public university of technology, ranking #90 globally by QS World University Rankings 2024. It is a renowned university for its teaching, research, and practical innovation for industry and society.

Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University is a public research university with campuses in Blacktown, Bankstown, Campbelltown, Liverpool, etc. It ranks =375 globally by QS World University Rankings. It is at the forefront of research-led activities to make an impact in the world. Every year, the university puts aside $25 million in scholarships to students.

Australian Catholic University

Australian Catholic University is a public university globally recognized for being a leader in a wide range of subject specialists. Ranking #801-850 by QS World University Rankings 2024. More than 33,000 international students are studying in the university from over 100 countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these answers to common questions and go to Help Centre for more details.

Q. When should you start looking for student accommodations in Sydney?

A.You can start researching 6 months before you start your studies. This is a good way to understand what is available in the market and give you a notion of the types of accommodation available. By the next 3-4 months, you will find many more added to the listing, and that's the best time to book and grab the best deals.

Q. How can I book student accommodations in Sydney?

A.You can book student accommodation in Sydney with University Living. It is an online student accommodation platform to search, compare, and book student homes as per your preferences.

Q. Can I find furnished student apartments or rooms in Sydney?

A.Yes, you can find furnished student apartments or rooms in Sydney on University Living- a platform to assist you in finding the right student home in Sydney. They have round-the-clock support and services. So, you can get in touch and book anytime you're in need of the accommodation, up to the last minute booking!

Q. What are the different types of student accommodation options available in Sydney?

A.Student housing is one type of accommodation available in Sydney. It is an off-campus student accommodation, which is also popularly known as PBSA. Student housing is an ideal and popular choice among students for offering an inclusive package. This package includes good location, facilities, and services and fosters a sense of belonging among students of all cultures. Student apartments are another choice that offers many types of apartments and are available for single, double, triple occupancy, and so on.

Q. What is the process to find student accommodation in Sydney?

A.The process is very simple in finding a student room in Sydney. All you have to do is go to our website: University Living. There, you will find many options in Sydney; you can browse, compare from the listing, and see what fits your needs and budget, then get in touch with us to assist you further!

Q. How can I find shared student housing options in Sydney?

A.You can find shared student options in Sydney on You can browse through a wide range of options and compare the housing types such as student-shared apartments, shared studio rooms, budget, and amenities according to your needs and preferences.

Q. What is the average rent on a monthly basis for student accommodation in Sydney?

A.Student accommodation in Sydney comprises en-suite rooms costing A$200 - A$500 /week, suite rooms A$300 - A$600 /week, studio rooms A$400 - A$700 /week and apartments A$300 - A$1,000 /week.

Q. What factors should I consider when choosing a student housing facility in Sydney?

A.There are a few factors to keep in mind while looking for student housing in Sydney. These are location, price, safety, and amenities for a comfortable and easy stay in Sydney.

Q. Are there any special discounts or offers for international students looking for accommodation in Sydney?

A.Yes, you can get amazing offers if you book your accommodation a few months before you start your academic journey. There are special offers on early bookings. First, the price of the accommodation is already low in the early days and comes with extra additional discounts. Grab your discounts early!

Q. What documents and paperwork are required when applying for student housing in Sydney?

A.The documents required for applying for student housing in Sydney are very basic. You will need to submit your student identification card, passport and current bank statement (AUS). Then, you will need to fill out the parental guarantee form and submit it to us. We will guide you through the process and might ask for additional documents.

Q. How do I pay for my student accommodation in Sydney?

A.The prices listed on our websites are based on payment per person/week. If you want to book a student apartment in Sydney or a student room, you can pay via debit/credit card or banking transfer. It can be on three bases: fortnight, half-yearly or full-yearly payment. There will be some charges over the registration and security deposit, too.

Q. Is Sydney a good city for international students?

A.Sydney ranks # 4 in the QS Best Student Cities Index, making it a desirable city to live and study. The city also has a good ranking in 'student mix' with over 5 international universities that have a mixed culture of international students.

Q. Is Sydney city affordable for a student?

A.Sydney is not an affordable city, but it depends on your lifestyle. If you know how to live on a budget, like taking a shared student apartment to cover the rent, cooking meals at home, or reducing going and spending money outside.

Q. Name some of the best student locations in Sydney?

A.Some of the best areas for students to live in Sydney are Sydney NSW, Macquarie Park, North Sydney, Marsfield, and Redfern. These areas provide affordable student accommodation, with most top universities located in these suburbs.

Q. What are the most popular areas to live in Sydney?

A.Some of the popular areas in Sydney are Surry Hills, Darlington Point, Dover Heights, Clovelly, Blacktown, Dawes Points, etc.

Q. What are the top public transportation options in Sydney for students?

A.Sydney has a good network of trains, buses and light rails. The light rail is a cheaper and better option than buses. There is a free shuttle public transport that operates every 10 minutes from Central Station to Circular Quay.

Q. What is the cost of living in Sydney for students?

A.The cost of living in Sydney will be around A$2,300 to A$4,200 /month excluding tuition fees. On average, your food cost will come to about A$300 /month, including eating outside and groceries. For your information, the cost of eating food at a mid-range restaurant will cost A$70 /meal. A pint of beer will cost A$12 /per person, a cup of coffee will cost A$5 /person. As for groceries, it will cost A$500 /month.

Q. List some of the famous universities in Sydney?

A.According to QS World University Rankings, these are some of the famous universities in Sydney: The University of Sydney, The University of Technology Sydney, Western Sydney University, Australian Catholic University and Charles Darwin University.

Q. Can I visit my student apartment in Sydney before booking it?

A.Yes, you are allowed to visit the student apartment in Sydney before booking it, where you can check for the location, room size layout, facilities, housing conditions, safety features, insulations, etc.

Q. Which type of accommodation options offer the highest level of privacy for students in Sydney?

A.When it comes to safe student accommodation, you can rest assured that student housing is one of the best and safest types of accommodation in Sydney. They are located in safe prime areas, and the building is installed and equipped with safety and on-site security like CCTV cameras, electronic fobs for entry, and door access security cards.

Q. How do students calculate the rental expenses of student accommodation in Sydney?

A.With our cost of living in Sydney calculator, you can get whole expenses on your housing, food, transportation and daily misc. You can use it to customize and calculate your location.

Q. How is the safety of students ensured during their stay?

A.Students who choose to stay in student housing are assured of safety and security. The management has on-site security with 24/7 access to CCTV cameras. The building is well-equipped with electric door knobs, etc.

Q. Can I consider living in the same accommodation during my placement year?

A.It depends on where you reside during your academic year. If you stay on campus, you might have to leave the accommodation. But if you choose to stay off-campus, you can probably extend your stay depending upon the terms and conditions of the property.

Q. Can I pay the rent for my student rooms in installments in Sydney?

A.Yes, at University Living, we accept installments for paying rent in a fortnight, half-year and annual payment.

Q. Are short-term rentals allowed in Sydney?

A.Yes, short-term rentals are allowed in Sydney. There's a flexible stay where you can choose flexible check-in and flexible check-out as per your needs and requirements.

Q. Why is University Living a good choice for booking student accommodation in Sydney?

A.University Living, a platform for booking student accommodation, has earned its reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy student accommodation provider over the years. We list only the best and most verified list of accommodations.

Q. Can I share a room with my friend in student housing in Sydney?

A.Yes, if you want to stay with a friend, you can share the student room. But, you will have to inform us prior to that as your friend will need to submit the documents required for applying for the accommodation.

Q. Are there any pet-friendly apartment options in Sydney for students?

A.It depends upon the student accommodation in Sydney. Some accommodations are pet-friendly, while some are not pet-friendly. Before you book accommodation, it is the best advice to find out and ask about the same.