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Cardiff, United Kingdom

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Everything about Student Accommodation Cardiff

Cardiff is a beautiful city and is home to lavish castles, ecstatic bays, and some of the best universities like Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, and the Royal Welsh University of Music & Drama Cardiff. It offers a blend of modern development and historical artifacts from a historical perspective. As the capital of Wales, Cardiff offers a wealth of opportunities for students who choose to call the city home. There is a large student population, which means that the capital's friendly community benefits from the vibrant student spirit. To top it all off, Cardiff is considered one of the pleasant, student-friendly, and most inexpensive places to live as a student - a big plus.

Student accommodation in Cardiff can be found all over the city. Cathays, located north of the city centre, is always a great place to start your flat search. With easy access to public transportation and close proximity to Cardiff University, this neighborhood is always a good address for university visitors.

Living in Cardiff as a student

Cost of Living: With all the amenities included in the rent, there are additional costs and luxuries added to the cost of living for students in Cardiff. To give you an idea, a local beer costs £3.50

Rent for students: With us, you do not have to worry about rent and amenities included in the Student Apartments Cardiff. Our affordable rental housing in Cardiff starts at a very affordable price and we also offer various deals.

Student Life in Cardiff

Students have plenty to do in Cardiff with its vibrant city center. This thriving city is rich in culture, with Cardiff Castle, Castell Coch, Cardiff Bay, and the National Museum offers a wealth of treasures to discover. And the gastronomic scene and impressive shopping are also worth exploring.

Foodies will get their money's worth in Cardiff, where there is a huge selection of dishes to choose from. Wiwo was voted the best takeaway in Cardiff a few years ago and is ideal for a meal on a budget. As well as the usual venues such as Oceana and Revs, Cardiff is also home to a number of independent clubs and bars.

The best places for student accommodation in Cardiff

Living throughout the city is a breeze. It offers some of the most affordable yet luxurious Student Housing in Cardiff. Some of the best areas to live in the city include

Cardiff's City Centre: Cardiff's city centre consists of three main shopping streets: Queen Street, St. Mary's Street, and Hayes Street, as well as major shopping centres and numerous arcades and alleys that contain some smaller specialty stores and boutiques. 

Cardiff Bay: Riverside is mainly terraced housing and until 2016 also included the large houses of Pontcanna and Cathedral Road. The area has a diverse population, including people of Bangladeshi, Sikh, and Chinese descent, especially south of Cowbridge Road and around Tudor Street, making it an ideal place for students to live. You will find several Student rooms in Cardiff in this area.

Newtown Cardiff: It is a residential area known as "Little Ireland" because of its large Irish population. It was known as one of Cardiff's "5 Towns" and is considered a safe and affordable place for students to live.

Famous Universities in Cardiff

  1. Cardiff Business School
  2. Cardiff School of Engineering
  3. University of South Wales  
  4. School of Journalism, Media and Culture
  5. WE Bridge Academy
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Do these student accommodations provide a private kitchen?

A. Yes, you can get a private kitchen; you have to look for Studio rooms where you have everything personalized along with the kitchen.

Q. When is the ideal time to search for accommodations in Cardiff?

A. Although there will be student housing available all year long, the majority of students start looking for shared living in Cardiff in October. International and first-year students typically begin looking for rooms in January.

Q. How is Cardiff's student housing?

A. You may find information on private rental housing offered by student landlords/letting agents in Cardiff here, including information on student homes, student flats/apartments, bed-sits, and bigger housing developments.

Q. How much is the deposit required for student accommodation?

A. Depending on the kind of property you select, this will happen. The maximum that can be charged is five weeks of rent.

Q. How can I ensure that when my tenancy ends, I will receive my deposit back?

A. Every landlord and property management in Cardiff is required by law to place your deposit in a tenancy deposit scheme that has been approved by the law. You should have no trouble getting your money back if you maintain your student housing.

Q. How do you travel in Cardiff?

A. Cardiff is a fairly accessible city, both from the rest of the UK and from within the city itself if you are a student. There are several bicycle trails, decent public transportation connections, and reasonable walking accessibility in the region. It won't be too difficult for your parents or friends to visit you also because there are adequate air, road, and rail connections.

Q. Can I expect a discount on the early booking of the student accommodation?

A. There is no specific discount, but sometimes you can get some flashcards and payback during early bookings.

Q. What is the refund policy for the security deposit in student accommodation?

A. Yes, this policy strictly abides by the rules where the landlords in Cardiff put your deposit in a tenancy deposit plan that has been legally approved. Our team of experts at University Living will do the needful process and explain the details at the beginning.