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Newcastle, United Kingdom

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Everything about Student Accommodation Newcastle

Newcastle is known as one of the UK’s biggest party cities but what you might not know is that it is one of the best places to study. Newcastle is home to three main universities located in and around the city. As the north-east’s largest city and it is no surprise to see that students flock here each year to further their education. If you get enrolled into University of Durham, Newcastle University, Newcastle College, and Northumbria University at Newscastle, you will want to make sure that you have got your student housing secured well in advance, it’s a competitive city to live in due to the large population and varied universities. The number of student accommodations in Newcastle has increased due to the demand.

Living in Newcastle as a student

Cost of living: Newcastle is one of the most beautiful places and it is filled with some great areas for students near major universities in the city. To provide you with an idea an average pint is reputed to be around £2.50.

Student-friendly locations: While the entire city is quite safe, the best areas to find the ideal student apartments in Newcastle such as studios and apartments are Central Station and Jesmond.

Rent for the students: All of the student housing options include utilities such as electricity, heating, gas, water, and Wi-Fi in the monthly rent so that you do not have to pay the individual bill every month. Keeping that in mind, the student flats to rent in Newcastle starts from £162 and it goes up to £900.

Student transportation in Newcastle

As a part of the renowned UK transportation network, this city has fulfilled its obligation to offer an affordable transportation system. These systems are well-equipped and connect to the required local and regional parts of the city.

Buses: Newcastle has one service provider for bus services, which is Stagecoach bus service. It is possible to see a bus on every corner of the city as more than 150 buses operate continuously on the roads and highways.

Metro: The Tyne and Wear Metro, Britain’s first light rail system in Britain was built in Newcastle in the year 1980. The city center is connected to every neighboring metropolitan borough by the city’s extensive suburban and underground rail network.

Water Travel System: As the city is built around the beautiful River Tyne, anyone can have inferred the origin of Newcastle’s water transportation system. A water transportation infrastructure connects this city’s International Ferry Terminal.

Taxi: The students can also easily travel across the city from their student rooms in Newcastle with the local taxi system available. You can also order cabs using mobile apps rapidly. The best thing about Newcastle’s taxi system is that average fare prices are lower than the nearby arrears of the UK.

The accommodation in Newcastle

All of the student housing in Newcastle you will find with University Living is located at the right corner. You can easily reach your university at every accommodation because of the excellent transport network. All of the accommodations have a wide range of amenities to ensure that students are comfortable. Browse our locations and find the right accommodation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What stuff will I get in my private kitchen in these student accommodation in Newcastle?

A. You will get a fitted oven and fridge, with all the required utensils helping you to ace your cooking skills.

Q. What will be my expenses for these student accommodation in Newcastle?

A. Your expenses will be divided into the rent, food, phone/wifi, laundry, and travel, these are the primary expenses now it's up to you how you manage your finances.

Q. Do I need to pay extra for cleaning services?

A. So far, most of the student accommodations offer regular cleaning services but, sometimes it so happens that the student has to charge extra for these services as they are not included in the rent.

Q. How is my security ensured in these accommodations during my lectures?

A. The student accommodations in Newcastle strictly oversee your privacy in your absence. No, one has access to your room as it has a secured sensor lock and the CCTV keeps on track if any suspicious thing is meandering around your room or stay.

Q. Does these accommodation offer laundry and ironing facilities?

A. It depends on the services offered by these accommodations but you can definitely find these services near these accommodations.

Q. Where in Newcastle can I find scrumptious food?

A. Newcastle may be a city in the North of England, but its cuisine reflects its rich history and cosmopolitan culture. You may find genuine restaurants providing food from all around the world in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Q. How is Newcastle for students?

A. It is one of the cities that have the top universities in the U.K and its international student population is more than forty-two thousand.

Q. Is there any specific day in the week when I should book student accommodation?

A. No, there is no such specific day when you can book the rooms, we are here to serve you 24*7 every week.