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Wick Park Residence London
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Francis Gardner London
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Francis Gardner

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Spitalfields Residence London
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Lewisham Exchange Residence London
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The Curve Residence London
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Westcombe House London

Westcombe House

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iQ Shoreditch

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Scape Canada Water London
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Best London Accommodation For Students

Finding different options for student accommodation in London is no muss and no fuss with University living.

The student aspiring to complete their further study at any top university in London can reach our accommodation experts, who will help them find the perfect match for their homely stay.

All our accommodations are offered at an affordable rate with no compromise on the safety and security of the students.

All prices include utility bills, which means there is no extra cost other than paying rent. You can find many types of rooms in London, United Kingdom, like private rooms, shared rooms, studio rooms, etc.

All the student apartments in London are near some of the best universities in town, namely the University of London, University College London and more.

All the accommodations listed on our website are of leading-edge quality.

One can choose from many options that meet their desires and are not heavy on the pocket.

The accommodations in London are designed to provide comfort to the students. Some of the best-recommended accommodations in London are Emily Bowes Court, Moonraker Point, Quantum Court, Blithehale Court, Arbour House, Camden Hawley Crescent, Stratford Poland House, Chelsea Lightfoot Hall and Glassyard Building.

Top Demanded Student Accommodation in London

London offers students so many different types of accommodation, and there are three types of accommodation available in London which you can find easily.

1. Student Housing - Student housing is very comfortable and safe and offers a good price for student rooms. The accommodation is near the university where you can go on foot and reach faster. The rooms are fully furnished, with a study desk & chair, wardrobe, bathroom, kitchen etc. The best part is the amenities; they give students a feel of staying in comfort.

2. Private Apartments - Renting a private apartment as a student is not difficult in London with so many choices; whether you want an apartment alone or to share it also, you have all these choices with student housing in London. They come as bedroom apartments, and you can select the type of apartment per your needs and requirements. All the apartments are spacious and have a big bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and shared space.

3. University Halls - Universities provide university halls to students who stay in the university, and it is a preferred student accommodation in London by first and second-year students. University hall is a type of residence rented out to students studying at a particular university to make an easy and comfortable settlement.

About London

London is a culturally diverse city with 400,000 international students seeking to study here from different countries.

There are endless things to do in London for students, whether it's culture, food or nightlife! The city attracts students to this vibrancy to experience the life of studying in London. It is one of the world's most popular study destinations.

Being one of the global education centres, it hosts a larger population of students than any city in the world. It is home to some of the world's top universities.

London is the vibrant capital of England and a melting point of cultural diversity. It is a global metropolis with a rich heritage evident in its historical landmarks. London is for those shopaholics; it is a shopping paradise. The transport systems are convenient and efficient, easily navigable through Double Decker buses and Underground.

London is connected by train to many other cities such as Birmingham, Coventry, Oxford, etc. and a good thing, which means you can stay in these cities if you study in London too. Student accommodation is a bit dear in London, so you can also look for student housing in these cities.

History of London

The history of the city of London is over 2000 years old and has witnessed many historic events which makes it stand out as the historical country of the world.

The early settlements were discovered near the Thames River in London. It was known as Roman London (47-410 AD), then Anglo-Saxon London( 5th century-1066), Norman and Medieval London (15 century) and began the modern history of London.

Facts of London City

  1. London is home to three of the world's top 10 museums and galleries
  2. There are best 4 UNESCO world heritage sites in London city
  3. Around 300 top languages are spoken in London
  4. London houses best 800 bookshops and 325 public libraries
  5. Big Ben is 164 years old and survived a long time

Finest 5 Areas For Students To Live In London

1. Central London

Central London is one of the best areas for student accommodation. There is a lot of student housing available in this area at an affordable price for students and it's close to markets, shops, etc. If you want to stay in the best place in Central London, look no further than Vita Student Lewisham Exchange.

2. Blackhorse Ln

Blackhorse Ln is lined up with some amazing accommodations for students who are looking for safe, secure and affordable homes and are close to many universities, so if you want a living space in this area, Mannequin House is the best acco mmodation to find in Greater London.

3. London Kingsland Rd

London Kingsland Rd is one of the best and most affordable areas for student housing, and it is in a location close to universities, shops, markets, etc. One of the best places to live in this area is iQ Hoxton.

4. London Victoria Rd

London Victoria Rd is a safe and friendly location for students to live and study with so many things available to do in the area. You will find amazing houses to rent and one of the top accommodations in this area is Chapter Ealing.

5. Silicon Wy Rd London

Silicon Wy Rd London is an ideal location for a student who wants accommodation in London as it is not far from universities. Silicon Wy Rd London is also a happening hub for students as there are many things to do and see around this area where you can stay at iQ Shoreditch.

Ideal cost of living in London

London is one of the ideal locations for students to live. Still, the cost of living in London will depend upon your lifestyle together, and it's advisable to have £1300–2000 a month, including your expenses for Food: £100 – 400 / month and Travel: £150 – 250 / month.

You will find there are three best types of student accommodation in London. And, with so many varieties of student housing, you can also find affordable and budget-friendly ones. We have a list of the best apartments and student rooms on our site. You can find many of them close to your university without hassle.

The cost of food in London will depend upon where and what you eat; we gave you the monthly spending on food costs in London. For instance, you can save money by cooking food at home as it will cost £ 15-20 per day, and if you like to eat outside, you will have to spend on average £ 30-40 per day.

The cost of tuition fees in London will be included in the cost of living. So, while you plan and calculate your budget, find out how much your tuition fee is. Your tuition fee will depend on the type of course and university you choose to study in London.

Best travel transportation service in London

There are many modes of public transportation in London like the bus, tram and tube.

London Transportation England's transportation system has made a remarkable achievement in terms of connectivity and easy accessibility.

Hence, one can say that the transportation system of London is well planned concerning students studying at different universities in London.

Along with that, it also has a dedicated metro system that connects almost all the zones of London.

It not only covers all the different zones of London but also its city centres.

Buses: London's bus network operates continuously and without interruption. If you are a student looking for some cost-effective means of transportation, then this is the perfect transit choice for you.

Tubes: People in London travel by tube as it is one of the cheapest and most affordable ones.

Cycling: If you are a cycling freak and like exploring the city on two wheels, you can consider the option of buying your bicycle or renting one to explore the local city of London.

London Discount Cards For Students: The best Travel Card is Oyster Card

Student oyster cards are for students who are above 18 and studying at a university they can be used as a travel card on buses, trams, etc with a 30% discount.

There are also travel student discount cards in London like railcards, students-specific cards, etc.

London Tourist Attractions

The Tower of London

This place is home to fortresses, crown homes, tales, and ravens, with many tours and activities available to see and explore London.

Warner Bros. Studio

If you are a harry potter fan, you can visit this studio and explore all the fun things you love about Harry Potter by taking tours, participating in activities, etc.

London Eye

If you want to fly high on Europe’s tallest Ferris Wheel, you should visit this iconic place and check out its panoramic views from above the River Thames.

Wax Museum Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is one of the famous attractions in London where it displays a famous wax museum of celebrities from all over the world.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is one of the top churches in the UK known for its royal ceremonies, wedding and coronations.

Famous Universities of London

1. Imperial College London

Imperial College London is built on its commitment to academic excellence. It has top-class facilities, teaching methods and cutting-edge research. The college excels in scientific advancement and giving birth to students who have a societal impact on their professional careers.

2. UCL

UCL is located in the city's heart and gives students access to explore and get network opportunities. It's long been a tradition that UCL excels in research and teaching, making it to the top. The college attracts the best mind from all over the world and prepares students for the challenges ahead.

3. King's College London

King's College London is located in the heart of London and a reputable institution providing the best education in diverse programs and excelling in academics, research and teaching. The college believes in offering an inclusive environment to foster students through knowledge, enhance their skills to excel in careers and make a meaningful impact in society.

4. The LSE

The LSE was established in 1895 with excellence in economics, law and politics. It is at the heart of London, offering a diverse and vibrant environment attracting many student communities. The college holds an expert in the field of social sciences. It is the best institution for students who want a career in this field.

5. The University of London

The University of London was established in 1836. It is a prestigious university offering students many programs in various fields. It has a reputation for global excellence and is recognized for providing a high standard of education. It has state-of-the-art facilities to provide learning and career opportunities.

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Terms & Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these answers to common questions and go to Help Centre for more details.

Q. When should I begin looking for student accommodation in London?

A. The best time to look for student accommodation in London is a few months before planning your academic journey. Planning becomes less stressful, and you can find the best accommodation that meets your needs and requirements.

Q. What should I consider while making a booking for student accommodation in London?

A. Before you book cheap student accommodation in London, look at a few factors such as location, accommodation type, price, safety, amenities, and roommates. These factors will provide you with a safe and comfortable stay in London.

Q. What are the finest places for students to live in London?

A. Some of the finest and best places for students to live in London are Kings Cross & Kensington- Central London; Camden -North London; Tower Bridge & Shoreditch- East London; Bermondsey-South-east London; Richmond-South-west London and Brixton- South London.

Q. Can I get a furnished student apartment in London?

A. Yes, it is possible to get a furnished student apartment in London. These types of apartments are the most preferred type of student accommodation. They are close to the university campus, offering an affordable and holistic living environment. The apartment comes with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living space, study room, gym, game room and many other amenities.

Q. How to rent a flat in London for students?

A. On University Living, you can find and compare student rooms in London. We list many rooms, studios and apartments of student properties across London. So whether you are looking for a single or shared flat, you will find the best one to meet all your needs and requirements on our platform.

Q. What is the average cost of living for a student in London?

A. London's average cost of living will range between £1271 – £2,530 monthly, excluding tuition fees. The cost of your expenses in London will depend upon your lifestyle and the accommodation type in London.

Q. What is the average monthly rent for student accommodation in London?

A. The average cost of rent in London will depend upon the location, type of student accommodation in London. On average, the cost of housing in London can range from £750 - £1000/ month.

Q. Is it secure to rent private student housing in London?

A. Yes, London is a safe city to live and study. The student housing in London is mostly located in the center providing on-site security, CCTV, and electronic fobs with 24/7 staffing support for any related issues.

Q. Can I get a housing view of the student accommodation before moving in?

A. Yes, you must discuss this with the agent, which can be arranged online or done by physical viewing. Some of the checklists to do while viewing a student accommodation in London are its electrical appliances, security, location, amenities, pest problems, etc.

Q. Is London affordable for a student?

A. London is the fourth most expensive city in the world. Living in central London might be more costly as a student than living in other parts of the city. You can find more affordable student accommodation in the suburbs of London.

Q. How can I make payments for my London-based private student housing?

A. We will assist you if you book your accommodation through our student accommodation platform. You can make payment via debit/credit cards and bank transfers only to book an accommodation.

Q. Can I pay the rent for my student rooms in installments?

A. Yes, you can pay for your student room in London in installments. It can be paid in installments based on the length of the booking, with a maximum of four installments available with a UK guarantor, or you will not be qualified for the same.

Q. My rent includes what expenses?

A. When you choose to stay in PBSA or a student apartment in London, you will get a furnished room or apartment with modern amenities. You will have a room that can be private or shared; then, you get a shared kitchen and common space. They cover your utility bills too.

Q. Can I get discounts for student accommodation in London?

A. Yes, University Living is one student housing platform to find student accommodation anywhere in the world. There are always discounts offered to students upon booking all year long.

Q. When should I book housing in London for the September intake?

A. It is best to start looking for accommodation six months before the September intake. Most properties are listed a few months before the information, so it's always best to search early and find one that suits you.

Q. What are the various room types that are offered in London to students?

A. There's an en-suite student room in London which means a bedroom with a private bathroom. The other type of room is a student studio in London- a single-room unit with a bedroom, kitchen, and living room.

Q. What kinds of accommodation options are there for students in London?

A. There are three types of student accommodation in London. There's PBSA, apartment, and university halls. The first two are off-campus accommodation, while university hall is an on-campus accommodation.

Q. Are short-term rentals allowed in London?

A. Short-term rent accommodation is allowed in London. There are flexible weeks where you can stay in a student room for a week or more, depending on your requirement.

Q. What happens if I don't like my student apartment once I've moved in?

A. If you book accommodation from us, we can replace a room with our room replacement services and find you a room within 60 days and find a perfect new home.

Q. Why is University Living best for booking student accommodation in London?

A. University Living is a global student housing assisting and providing student accommodation in London. There's a 24/7 support team of accommodation experts to help discover, compare and book value-for-money accommodation based on your budget, desired location, etc.

Q. Can my parents or friends stay with me for the initial days when I arrive?

A. It depends upon the type of student accommodation in London. Overnight stays are permitted for up to three days. If you are staying in university halls, this will also vary from each one of them. The best advice is to contact the management of the accommodation.

Q. Can I share a room with my friend in London student accommodation?

A. Yes, student housing in London is designed for those who want to share accommodation. Sharing a room with a friend can help you save your cost of living in London.

Q. What are the top transportation options in London for students?

A. The Red Bus is one of the most iconic public transportation that's convenient and efficient, covering many bus routes in London. The Tube (or London Underground) is another popular mode of transportation in London. An Oyster Card is handy for your travels.